Men frequently select a girlfriend that is comparable to the previous ones. So, Marc Anthony found a second copy of Jennifer Lopez, the girls of Leo DiCaprio are so similar that they can hardly be distinguished from each other: tall models, blondes, blue or green eyes. Brutal actor Tom Hardy is likewise on the list of conservative males. Let's satisfy a pair Sarah Ward — Tom Hardy.

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1. Sarah Ward Tom Hardy couple

Edward Thomas Hardy was born on September 15, 1977 in London. He is the only child of comedian and also writer Edward Hardy and artist Ann. Cultivation up, Tom experienced from drug addiction, alcoholism and delinquency. However before, he emerged from all addiction stepped into the entertainment sector. He initially hit the spotlight via the HBO BBC Band of Brothers mini-series in 2001.

After success, he made deyet via Ridley Scott's armed forces thriller Babsence Hawk Dvery own. Because then he starred in such successful movies as “The Beginning”, “The Rise of the Dark Knight”, “Defenseless”, “Mad Max: The Road of Fury”, “Fall”, “Warrior”, “Dunkirk”, “Poison”, “ Peak Blinders ”,“ Reborn ”and many kind of others.

2. Female part of Sarah Ward Tom Hardy couple

Although a lot is not known around Sarah Ward, one fact cannot be ignored. She was married to actor Tom Hardy. The story of Sarah Ward Tom Hardy courtship started is unknown, as they both did not talk about their partnership, being together. However before, from some sources it is known that they did not hold hands for long. The couple walked down the aisle in 1999, simply 3 weeks after meeting each other.

Everypoint in the connection between Sarah Ward Tom Hardy appeared perfect till 2004, once news around their separation showed up in public. Sara filed for divorce. Tbelow were many kind of speculations around the factors for their doomed marital relationship. However before, many kind of suspect that Hardy's addiction problems shared a couple.

3. Sarah Ward Tom Hardy divorced

In an interwatch, Tom talked around his breakup with his initially wife, Sarah. He sassist that she filed for divorce bereason he can not offer time to their marital relationship. After his film Star Track Nemesis fell badly in 2002, he became addicted to drugs, which eventually brought about a degradation in Sarah Ward Tom Hardy connection, leading to a divorce.

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Sarah has disappeared from present business considering that her divorce from Hardy. Hence, nopoint is recognized around what she does in her life. Several resources claim that she was a producer as soon as she met Tom. But, it appears, she did not invest in any brand-new projects after her doomed marriage. Many most likely, she should be alone, enjoying her life ameans from media hysteria. A lot of information about Sarah’s life was under a bridge on which light cannot autumn, including her condition. They say she is a producer. So she need to have obtained luck in order to live an excellent life.