This is our ‘biography‘ of the actor Alex O’Loughlin – It is the chronological account of his life (mostly his career), gathered from indevelopment of occasions he attfinished, interviews, short articles, candid pictures and also his very own MySpace blog. Wright here no certain days are well-known, we just give the approximate year or month.

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We hope that this will certainly be a finish recommendation overview to his many type of fans and also we intfinish to upday this page on a regular basis as soon as old information are better explained and also as the story of his life unfolds …….


1978 -1979:

Throughout these years:

Alex’s sister Jacki, who is approximately 1 years & 8 months younger than him, is born in 1978.Alex’s parents got divorced and his father move to Sydney to teach at a private boy’s school.




1985 -1986:

1994 -1999:

By doing odd jobs, Alex supported himself, while taking night classes and also doing some plays to seek his acting.1 July 1997 – Less than 2 months prior to his own 2first birthday, Alex ended up being a father, once his child Saxon was born. Alex and Saxon’s mother were never before married, yet he was tbelow for the birth and continued to be exceptionally supportive and cshed to his kid. Saxon lived through his mom in Australia for most of his life, till December 2011 when he relocated to Hawaii to live with Alex. He stayed there until June 2014, once he relocated earlier to Australia. Over the years Saxon consistently visited the sets, where Alex functioned.

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2000 – 2002:



Alex moved to America to discover work in Hollywood. He felt that there could be much better opportunities, via a bigger pool of acting talent.Throughout this year Alex saw most auditions and did promotional occupational, as the majority of of his earlier work-related was only released this year.