Hi Guys, welcome to my review about the Schumacher XP2260. I will give you the Pros, Cons, What it Costs? and detailed information about what makes this unit a great backup power supply.

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The Schumacher XP2260 Portable Power Source is suitable for vehicle jump starting, works as an air compressor and a portable power source. The 1200 peak amps ensures that the jump starting feature works well. It also features a USB power outlet allowing a user to power up small electronic devices such as mobile phones.

The inflator can easily charge a car tire. You will need an extension cord to charge the unit, since the unit does not come with an AC power charger. The Schumacher XP2260 comes with a maintenance-free, sealed lead acid battery that ensures storage is easy in any position. Check the current price of the Schumacher XP2260 on Amazon.com.


1200 peak amps and 185 cold crank amps – Plenty of power to get a vehicle’s dead battery going. This can be a life saver especially if you live in a very cold winter region.Easily switch between jump start and USB modes – All you need need to do to flip between the modes is turn a shared knob.150 PSI built-in air compressor – The dual function of this unit allows you to inflate vehicle and bicycle tires with ease. The analog pressure gauge is lit by an LED, great when your inflating in the dark.Digital Display – It has a built-in digital display indicating the amount of charge.Sealed lead acid battery – Allows you to store the unit in any position without having to worry about spilling battery fluid.Bright work-light – The built in light is helpful especially if your using the XP2260 in your tent at night.Three outputs: 120V AC, USB port and 12V – The three outputs are very practical for it allows users to charge their accessories and portable devices. You can constantly connect smartphones, jamboxes and more.
Tons of Power AC and DC power outlets Switch easily between modes Bright Worklight In built Inflator

Watch the short intro video from Schumacher giving you an overview of what you get with this Schumacher unit.

Schumacher XP2260 – Design

The Schumacher XP2260 Instant Portable Power Source comes in at an affordable price and is packed full of features, making it perfect for users who need to jump start their vehicle, power electronic items and inflate under inflated vehicle’s tires. This jump starter has the ability to deliver 1200 peak amps for emergency jump starting and 185 cold crank amps.

12V DC and 120V AC Outlets

The jump starter is designed with three outputs: 120V AC household power that is provided by the built-in 400W power inverter, a USB port that is perfect for charging portable devices, and a 12V accessory outlet that provides power to all accessories that have a 12V accessory plug.


USB Charging

The unit comes with various power outputs including a 2 amp USB charging port that can be found on the front of the unit.


Easy is one of the words that define this device. Not only that it is easy to use, but it also has a switch that allows you to change between jump start and the USB modes, so that you can be sure that you use the device properly every time you need it.

Digital Display

The starter is equipped with and easy-to-read digital display that provides information about the battery status, so you know when it needs charging. To find out the battery status just hold the internal battery charge/status button. When the unit is connected to a battery the digital display will give a reading of the batteries voltage.


LED Light

Also, the ultra-bright LED is energy efficient and will provide you assistance in the dark or other severe conditions. The light can be found on the front of the unit above the digital display.


Air Compressor

The 150 PSI built-in air compressor can be used for filling up air in the vehicle’s tires, as well as sport balls and bike tires. It is designed with a pressure gauge, diverse nozzles, and even a storage area. The compressor dial and on/off switch will be found on the back side of the unit. The nozzles and air cord can be stored in the central storage compartment also found on the back of the unit.


Sure-Grip Clamps

The XP2260 comes with Sure-Grip clamps, which are perfect for top and side-mount batteries, and clamp cables that remain flexible even when it’s cold.

Price – How much Does it Cost?

In terms price, the list price for the XP2260 is priced at just over $170 a the time of writing this review. However there are deals to be had out there that mean you can find the XP2260 priced between $120 to $150 based on the unit being used/reconditioned or new.

The lower price units are generally not supplied with a power cord, so ensure you check whats included before you buy. You may find that the unit is now cheaper then when we last checked. Before you buy the unit ensure you have the correct model XP2260 (click here to view on Amazon).

User Reviews and Opinion

Below are a couple of verified customer reviews from Amazon.

This might be the best item I have ever bought on amazon

Martin S, Amazon Customer Review 

“This might be the best item I have ever bought on amazon. So I bough two more. Sucker works and never seems to run out of power. I live on an island and the power goes out. I used one to keep my (Energy Star) deep freeze and a modem, While the other unit was running my Roku and my tv.

We considered a gas generator but trusting the name Schumacher from past use we bought one. Every one who sees this goes crazy. My advice buy at least two, one for the house and one for the car. At these prices and this level of quality buy it before they wake up and charge more.

It works great

Michael “Michael”, Amazon Customer Review

“It works great. Can just a totally dead battery 3 times before needing another charge. Just plug in in for 2 days once a month and it’s always ready to go! the little adaptor is a joke to see but it does the job!

Did not try the air pump yet but I would expect the small compressor in this world take you forever to fill a tire. Best just use this for jumping car batteries!”

The overall reviews of this jump starter are positive. Users like the way it works and the fact that they can charge their portable devices and accessories in case of need. The AC outlets are really great, especially if you choose to go outdoors such as on a camping or boating trip.On those long trips it’s nice to have this unit on board to help power a laptop or portable DVD player.

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At the time of writing this article the Schumacher XP2260 has received over 900 customer reviews at Amazon who have given it an overall rating of 3.7 stars out 5.0 (View all reviews on Amazon) and it has over 80 customer reviews at Home Depot with a overall rating of 4.2/5.0.