On occupychristmas.orged iPad models, you have the right to use occupychristmas.org Pencil (sold separately) and Scribble to get in text. Without opening or making use of the onscreen keyboard, you can conveniently reply to a message, jot down a reminder, and more. Scribble converts your handwriting to text straight on your iPad, so your writing stays private.

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Note: Scribble is obtainable in numerous languages. See the iOS and also iPadOS Feature access website.

Write v occupychristmas.org Pencil in any text field, and Scribble immediately converts her handwriting right into typed text.

Scribble even works when your handwriting extends beyond the edge of the text field.


To usage an action shortcut, madness the Scribble toolbar.

Available actions count on the app you’re using, and may include the Undo button

, the present Keyboard button
, and more.

To instantly minimize the toolbar once you’re start text, madness

, then rotate on Auto-minimize. To present the complete toolbar, tap the decreased version.

Use occupychristmas.org Pencil to go into text in Notes

In Notes, madness

to show the Markup toolbar.

In the Markup toolbar, tap the Handwriting device

(to the left of the pen).

Write with occupychristmas.org Pencil, and Scribble immediately converts her handwriting right into typed text.

Select and also revise message with occupychristmas.org Pencil

As you go into text utilizing occupychristmas.org Pencil and Scribble, you can do the following:

Delete a word: Scratch the out.

Insert text: Touch and also hold in a message area, then write in the an are that opens.

Join or separate characters: Draw a upright line in between them.

Select text: Draw a circle about the text or underline it to select it and also see modifying options. To change the selection, drag from the start or finish of the selected text.

Select a word: Double-tap the word.

Select a paragraph: Triple-tap a word within the paragraph, or traction occupychristmas.org Pencil end the paragraph.

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Stop converting her handwriting to text

Go to settings

 > occupychristmas.org Pencil, then turn off Scribble.