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Author’s Note: Very very first Sebastian Stan fanfiction. Completely inspired by the interview taken ar on the so late Late display with James Corden through Sharon rock and Sebastian Stan. Ns didn’t edit it yet.

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Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Words: 1511

“Welcome ago to the show,” James Corden greeted. “Let’s welcome our guests. She stars in the fight TV display Jessica Jones, Y/N L/N.”

The drapes top top the doorway opened, revealing girlfriend in high heels and also a dress. Friend smiled brightly together you experienced the audience and also James Corden applauding at your entrance. You walked under the aisle enthusiastically, greeting the audience around you. Her heart to be pounding out of her chest, and also your mouth ached native your big smile you were holding. You carefully walked under the measures to the stage, trying no to trip over your heels.

You walked to your designated seat and looked around to see a complete house tonight. Girlfriend tried to even out her breathing, since you to be nervous. Yet you were excited to be there, not only due to the fact that you to be in a talk present but due to the fact that of your other guest star.

“He stars in Avengers: Infinity Wars component One, Sebastian Stan,” Corden announced.

Your eye shot in the direction of the same aisle you just walked down to check out Sebastian Stan, standing there in all his glory. You have actually been a pan of Sebastian Stan since Captain America: first Avenger, conveniently falling in love through the personalities Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers. Therefore much has happened in the 7 year span. You would have actually never had guessed you would be apart of a TV series, allow alone it being a Marvel series.

With a full-blown smile, friend gazed ~ Sebastian Stan as he walked towards you. Girlfriend crossed your legs in anticipation, thinking about all those smut fanfictions girlfriend read just a few years ago. And here you were. Actually conference him.

You were thankful that you came out first, because you probably would have fell down those stairs v Sebastian’s eye on you. That walked in the direction of the seat next to you and gave friend a smile. You to be internally fangirling inside, yet you pulled it turn off with just a quiet sigh.

Sebastian took his seat next to you. His knee was simply inches away from yours. You never went to any comic-cons or movie premieres that Sebastian go to, so this would certainly be your first meeting. The assumed of him sit inches far from you because that a full hour or 2 made you scream internally.

You looked end at Sebastian and noticed he hasn’t aged a bit. The still looked like exactly how he did 7 years ago in CAFA, but he had a particular maturity to him that simply made him an ext hot. You leaned forward and also took a sip the water native the mug in prior of you, emotion the sudden need of thirst.

James Corden started,“How space you guys?”

“Jet-lag,” Sebastian answer simply, smoothing down his tie.

You nodded in agreement, as well flustered for words. His voice was even much more beautiful in person than top top scene, if the were possible. “Same,” girlfriend said.

“I bet you guys are,” Corden responded, sit on the leaf of his chair. “You guys just finished filming, right? Marvel does go all around the civilization for filming, hold the most filming locations for one movie.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Sebastian stated.“We go everywhere. Though our key filming spot is constantly Atlanta, or as Chris dubbed it Hot-lanta.”

You smiled at this, because that you watched every the interviews and also TV spots from the Marvel movies.

“Well, I’m therefore happy you males are here,” Corden said.“Y/N. I know, you space really happy to be here.”

“Yes, definitely,” you claimed with reddened cheeks.“Definitely enjoying this interview. Best one so far if friend ask me.”

“So you’re a pan of Sebastian?” Corden asked, even though that knew the answer come it.

You chuckled lightly prior to answering,“Yeah. I’m a big fan that Sebastian and also his personality Bucky Barnes.” You confronted Corden when answering, no wanting Stan come see just how flustered the made you. It was pretty obvious on your face.

“I heard you’re a big fan of kris Evans together well,” Corden added, gripping his cue cards in his hands.

“Oh mine gosh,” friend murmured.“I’m a huge fan of the whole Marvel cast. They are such amazing people and also actors. I’d be honored come hangout with any kind of of them.”

“We deserve to hangout ~ this,” Sebastian offered, taking your hand through his. Girlfriend turned come finally challenge Sebastian but automatically regretted it because of how goddamn gorgeous that was. This guy have the right to flirt through a fish. Not many civilization can acquire you like this. Most civilization knew about your outgoing personality.

Looking down at her guys’ linked hands, girlfriend tucked your hair behind your ear prior to murmuring“Oh mine god.”

Corden laugh at your response, but you didn’t provide a care. The Sebastian Stan that you were totally obsessed with and also still obsessed with is sit right following you and also offering come hangout later, even though it could all it is in an act.

“But this is true, right?” Corden asked to you.

You rubbed your face with your other hand, flustered beyond belief.“Yeah, I’m geeking the end a bit. I’ve to be a fan of Sebastian’s for 7 years now, and also I’ve dreamed of this moment,” you admitting, slowly gaining your to trust back.

“Well hello then,” Sebastian greeted, put a kiss on your hand. His Romanian accent to be seeping through his words.

“Hi,” you claimed back.

“I feel like I’m intruding in this moment. You can just feeling the love in the atmosphere,” Corden stated.

“I can too,” you said, not taking her eyes off of his.“You look really handsome Mr. Stan. Very…” friend licked your top lip.“Sexy.”

The audience and Corden applauded and also laughed at this. Yet you payment no mind when Sebastian mouthed‘Thank you’. You little your bottom lip at the vision of his.

“So this is exactly how you would obtain a girl?” Corden asked.

“Are you speak to me?” you joked, ultimately taking her eyes off Sebastian however not releasing his hand.

Corden laugh at your response.“No, i was asking Sebastian, but how do you flirt through girls? carry out you usage the same method on girls with guys?” friend were among the couple of openly bisexual celebrities, but you to be proud the it. Some interviews lugged up the topic, yet you were never ever uncomfortable around it.

“I do actually,” girlfriend answered, unconsciously rubbing your ignorance on Seb’s hand.“My taste in guys is very similar in my taste in girls.”

“How around you Sebastian?” James asked.“How do you gain the girls?”

“He doesn’t even need to try,” friend answered prior to he could.“All he needs to do is smirk and say miscellaneous in Romanian.”

“Oh, favor this,” Sebastian said, releasing your hand. You laugh faltered at the loss of touch yet quickly shoot up once Sebastian put an arm around your shoulders and also leaned in ~ above you.“Ce mai faci?” he claimed with a special Romanian accent.

Your inner thighs squeezed together at his words. You provided him an once over.“Just kiss me already,” girlfriend teased.

You laughed once you witnessed him playfully leaning in. You conveniently thought you’d only have this chance as soon as in her lifetime and spontaneously left a kiss top top his cheek. Friend laughed as soon as you experienced lipstick on his cheek and gently wiped the away through your hand.

The crowd went wild at her guys’ interaction. Friend looked up in ~ Sebastian to see him laugh proudly. You most likely were the same.

“Oh my god!” Corden exclaimed.“This is actually happening.”

“I’m no going to lie,” girlfriend stated.“16 year-old me is screaming internally appropriate now.”

“Wow, so much drama in just 5 minutes right into the interview,” Corden laughed, make those around him laugh as well.“Speaking of drama, phone call me around Jessica Jones. That series is yes, really intense.”

“Yeah,” friend said.“The series is really intense, emotional some dark topics, yet it renders it that more interesting. It’s favor a telenovella in that sort of sense.”

“And Avengers: Infinity Wars,” Corden continued.“I mean, Civil war was really intense. What have to the audience look front to in part One of the Infinity Wars?”

“I’m no going to lie,” Sebastian admitted.“I think this is walk to be the finest one the end of the Avengers series. Ns mean, we have such an impressive cast and so many brand-new characters like Captain Marvel and Thanos.”

“I’m definitely looking front to see you on screen,” you teased.“Haven’t watched your challenge in HD since Civil War.”

“Well, here’s my challenge in person. Does the look far better in actual life or in theaters?” Sebastian played along.

“Either way, it has the same impact on me,” friend answered, biting your bottom lip come insinuating your innuendo.

Sebastian’s eyes widened in shock, mouth ajar.“Oh mine god,” he said, placing a hand over his heart.

“You’re in reality going for it,” Corden stated.

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“Hell yeah, I’m going because that it,” friend said. You to be so looking front to see this top top TV, yet for now, you were going to value your time v Sebastian through him sitting right next you.