Because Britney Spears announced her split from husband Kevin Federline, their particular ex-husband and also baby"s mama have actually come out of the woodwork- the former claiming that he got a thinly-veiled hazard from the pretty, sometimes pants-much less pop princess.

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Britney"s 55-hour ex-husband, Jachild Alexander, appeared through K-Fed"s baby mama, Shar Jackboy (really, this happened) on "The Dr. Ablow Sexactly how," where Alexander revealed a not-so-startling trick.

He claims Britney contacted him by leaving a voicemail saying, "Don"t say anypoint you"d regret." The irony? This is, presumably, simply the habits she was warning versus. Alexander is likewise planning on creating a tell-all book about Spears, and also what it was choose to acquire freaky via her and also whatnot, so possibly she supposed that. So that knows.

The unfortunately named Shar Jackboy, who bore 2 children through the K-Hole prior to he ditched her for someone richer and hotter, reportedly fed Fed on Thanksproviding after Brit threw his ass out on the street.

Despite being scorned, she"s on Team Kevin currently. Shar believes Kevin fears Britney will steal their children (Sean Preston and Jayden James Federline) away from him, saying, "He"s scared Britney could take his youngsters and also go to Louisiana and also he can never check out them."

Come on. Would Mr. Playing With Fire actually care?

When asked for her feelings on K-Fed"s "rap career," Shar politely danced approximately it, never before giving her opinion and simply wishing him luck. Very coy. Not unprefer Kendra Jade vaguely, sort-of denying she had actually a marriage-wrecking affair through the K-Hole.

The full interwatch with the 2 exes airs on Monday ... inspect your neighborhood listings for the time and also channel of this display no one has actually heard of.

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