The sharp Aquos TV sometimes experiences problems with its strength supply. As soon as that happens, it won’t ON or OFF. In various other cases, various things may occur.

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For example, when your sharp Aquos TV transforms on but shows no picture, or the power light blinks continuously. If the problem may not be permanent, that could also mean some materials are overheating, or you must replace the power supply board.

If her Sharp Roku TV won’t revolve on, you need to check whether it is overheating. When the circuitry overheats, her TV will revolve itself turn off to reduce further damage.

Also, the battery in her remote could be dead, make it unable to power the TV on or revolve it OFF.

Here are more troubleshooting steps you deserve to take.

1. Examine if the TV is receiving sufficient power

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If her TV keeps transforming OFF, you may have turned ~ above the sleep timer. Make sure you have not rotate ON the setting:

Press Menu on the remote.Press the left or right arrow keys to highlight Setup.Press Enter.Select Time Setup.Select Sleep Timer.

At this point, select OFF to turn off the sleep timer.

4. Reset your Sharp TV

You can try to deal with the problem by resetting her device. Here is how to reset a sharp TV that won’t turn on:

Go to setups using her remote.Select System.Select factory Reset.Press the pat or OK switch three time to begin the reset process.

After the reset, you will have to set up the TV again. However the crucial step is to identify whether it has actually fixed the early problem. In the case, try turning the television ON or OFF using the remote.

5. Force your spicy TV to revolve ON

Here is just how to pressure your sharp TV to rotate on:

Press the power switch on the remote.The TV will power increase from standby mode.If the power light glows red after making use of the remote, press the power switch on the TV.The action will remove the an equipment from standby.

When your TV is in standby mode, it can fail to rotate on when you press specific buttons top top the remote. Thus, you can pressure it to turn ON by pressing the power switch on the TV.

Alternatively, think about power-cycling that and shot again. The above steps will also work if you desire to know how to rotate on a sharp TV there is no a remote.

You deserve to fix a sharp TV the does not rotate ON or turn off in various ways. First, examine whether the strength light blinks.

If it does, unplug the TV native the wall outlet, wait because that a couple of seconds, and then plug it ago in to see if the fixes the issue.

Sometimes the TV can fail to strength up since you room using a remote v dead batteries. In that case, think about replacing them.

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Also, inspect to for sure your television is not overheating as this can cause a failure in the strength supply unit.