The large Bang Theory: Amy's 5 ideal Outfits (& 5 Worst) Sheldon discovered the perfect match in Amy Farrah Fowler. Below are the best and worst outfits worn through The large Bang Theory\"s neuroscientist.

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In the third season that The big Bang Theory, us were presented to Sheldon\"s potential love interest Amy Farrah Fowler. Together a neurobiologist, Amy\"s idiosyncrasies matched many of Sheldon\"s, making she a wonderful match for this rarely specimen the is Sheldon Cooper.

After spending years together as friends and also lovers (without intimate love), Amy broke up v Sheldon at the finish of season eight after not obtaining anything in return from their relationship. The two tried to continue to be friends however by the ninth season, these 2 were ago together and also ready for the following step.

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Out of all of our favourite on The big Bang Theory, it was extra special to clock Amy grow from a shy neurobiologist with no friends come a blooming, self-assured Nobel prize recipient v a husband and a core friend group. From season 3 to season 12, let\"s take it a look at at some of her finest (and worst) fashionable moments.

thanks to Howard and Raj, we first meet Amy ~ the duo looks because that a mate because that Sheldon ~ above a date app. Seeing together Amy was together robotic and dry together Sheldon, they knew she\"d be his perfect mate.

Over time, Amy came to be less robotic and an ext human — even wanting to be finest friends through \"popular girl\" Penny. Her style also progressed. She still wore vests and also sweaters but they had more designs and colors than the former stripes top top stripes top top stripes look.


There to be no moment greater than see Amy shine favor a diamond at the Nobel compensation ceremony. We\"ve watched her go through so lot in her career and an individual life with Sheldon the this fictional ceremony made countless emotional. Us watched Amy flourish from an ugly duckling (so to speak) come a glorious swan in her very own right. She even has feathers on she shoulder to highlight the fact.

Deep down, every pan of Amy is obsessed through the reality that she glistens once she puts on a tiara. If she wanted to stay a tiara in ~ Penny and Bernadette\"s weddings, why wouldn\"t she carry out the same for her Nobel?

In the 10th season, Amy and also Sheldon visited The Wizarding world of take care of Potter end at universal Studios in Disneyland. Together you\"ll view in the suggest below, Amy checked out The Wizarding human being of harry Potter without Sheldon, a truth that significantly upset him.

This can only average that she and Sheldon had to go back to Universal simply so Sheldon wouldn\"t feeling left out. As soon as they reverted from their long day, Amy to be decked out in Hufflepuff gear while Sheldon was in a Griffindor robe. And also while there\"s naught wrong through Amy being in Hufflepuff, the sweatshirt mixed with her cap is overkill.


This Harry Potter-themed ensemble, on the other hand, is really much accepted. See Amy shot to summer sprouts up she bedroom life through Sheldon by dressing in Hogwarts garb is miscellaneous no one experienced coming but made all the feeling in the world.

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Amy is entirely a Hufflepuff and seeing Sheldon light up at the sight of her dressed in the Wizarding school\"s robe was whatever he didn\"t know he wanted. It likewise gave united state a peep at your bedroom life which to be saucier 보다 we expected!

Amy is a beautiful, young woman who doesn\"t constantly act it. Granted, she seemed to have more energy than Penny on most days however her clothing options didn\"t constantly match that.

When we check out Amy sick or obtaining ready because that bed, she\"s frequently in a nightgown that goes down to she feet. It\"s an excellent that she\"s comfortable however her nightgowns period her. She\"s a spry, young woman who, because that the better part the the show, make the efforts to tempt Sheldon come sleep with her. A nightgown prefer the one above doesn\"t do lot for our favorite neurobiologist.


In \"The anything Can take place Recurrence,\" we check out Sheldon and also Penny going through a rut v work. Coin is noble of play a woman who turns right into an ape and Sheldon has actually grown worn down of wire theory.

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Amy and also Bernadette made decision to take it a rest from Penny and also Sheldon by going the end to dinner; however, lock were caught by them. To make up for behaving poorly, Amy pull up together a Catholic college girl to gain Sheldon\"s blood flowing. Sadly, the just thing that it did to be confuse him. Nevertheless, Amy looked amazing! (She should likewise wear ties more often!)

Amy isn\"t shy to wear layers. She typically wears one undershirt, a vest, and also a sweater on any given day. Yet all those layers don\"t do lot for her. Here, we check out Amy in a corduroy skirt and jacket!

If the wasn\"t too much as it is, she\"s additionally wearing special grey stockings, a yellow vest, and two undershirts! as a resides of California, isn\"t she constantly sweating?


In the eighth season, the corridor decides to carry out a prom do-over. Everyone gets decked out and transforms Sheldon and also Leonard\"s rooftop come an out prom extravaganza. Everyone looks dapper and also beautiful but it was the very first time we witnessed Amy every dressed up.

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In a flour blue dress with equivalent earrings, Amy looked prefer a princess. To do her beauty shine even brighter, this was the an initial episode we observed Amy and also Sheldon profess your love for one another. It to be a beautiful minute for a beautiful woman.

In the episode whereby Bernadette to be picked as a woman scientist with brains and beauty, Amy thrived jealous and annoyed. Scientific research wasn\"t around beauty and also she didn\"t know why the 2 correlated. If anything, she thought the title to be demeaning.

That being said, Amy had an ext important points to carry out in the civilization of neurobiology than worry around the kind of sweater she was going come wear, yet this sweater and floral shirt combination was not our favorite.


if Penny and also Bernadette (secretly) made funny of Amy\"s wedding dress, Amy never ever felt an ext beautiful. She loved she swan-like dress and felt even better. She was spanned head to toe in white lace and pink ribbon.

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Amy likewise wore a thick lacey vail. When she stood next to Sheldon, the two looked prefer the ideal cake-topper. Amy looked together stunning together she did due to the fact that she feeling so i was sure in the gown of she dreams.