Skyfactory 4 is a modpack for variation 1.12.2, loaded through sorcery, automation, and also featuring a wide selection of food mods. There space so plenty of mods in this, clocking in in ~ 204 mods, this is certain to keep you and your buddies busy for a lengthy while. Applied Energistics, Astral Sorcery, BiblioCraft, Chisels and also Bits, Ender Core, Tinkers Construct, Thermal, and much more.

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Plus to store your server patrons busy, there is a call and accomplishment mode to examine up ~ above your progress in the world. Girlfriend can accessibility that with mod commands. Remarkable modpack if you like skyblock adventures, yet find vanilla boring as soon as you run out of points to do early on on. You absolutely won’t have actually this worry on here.

Server Installation

Head come the Apex Server Panel and also stop her server.Locate the JAR document section part of the page.In the jug Selection, scroll till you discover “SkyFactory 4” or search it in the search bar.Click “SkyFactory 4”, create a new world once prompted, climate restart the server.

Client Installation

Download the official CurseForge launcher.When installed, then push the “Browse Modpacks” tab.In the search bar come the height right, kind “SkyFactory” and you need to see “SkyFactory 4”Click top top the pack, and to the optimal right press “Install”.Once it’s finished installing, you have the right to press “Play” come launch the pack.

How to Configure the World

Navigate to the Apex Server Panel and stop the server.Access the Config papers on the left, climate the Server Settings.Locate the Generator Settings and also Level type fields.Enter one of the following presets into the particular fields:

Generator Settings:\"Topography-Preset\":\"Sky factory 4\"Level Type:DEFAULTGenerator Settings:\"Topography-Preset\":\"Sky Village\"Level Type:DEFAULTGenerator Settings:generator-settings=\"Topography-Preset\":\"Lostcities\"Level Type:lostcitiesHere is an instance of what the config record should look like once you’ve plugged in the settings:

Once complete, press “save” in ~ the bottom, generate a brand-new world then prompted, then restart the server.


There space some regulates that may advantage you in the long run as soon as you pat on her server with your friends.

/topography island new - Generates the player a new island, and teleports them to it./together invite - which teams you increase with other players on her server.

Why SkyFactory 4

Skyfactory offers limitless adventures because that you and also your server patrons. Our Minecraft server hosting maintains that the modpack is up to day so girlfriend never have to worry. Differing from the island you spawn on, come the pursuits you go on. Want to be a factory creator? develop machines that produce wonders, like power machines to strength your cobble generators. Obtain to the suggest that you’re end cobble? Think virtually any block in production by the second. Maybe don’t desire to walk from island to island to obtain resources, develop chests that deliver via signal! Maybe also a jetpack that gets power wirelessly, and can be powered by battery. Possibly you do not want to be a technical mastermind. Maybe, you want to it is in a mystical marvel, a can be fried sorcerer of sorts. Development naturally and also have torches placed with her every step. Or wands the defend against high damages blows and fall damage. Remember around going from island come island? do it easier by gaining the Vicio wand and soaring approximately like the wizard girlfriend really room inside

Common Issues:

Missing mod ID:Many times through modpacks the server will obtain stuck in a loading procedure if the people or mods have actually been changed. To fix this, merely go come console and kind “/fml confirm”.

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The civilization is vanilla:This regularly occurs if the civilization is not properly configured. Ensure the the generator settings and level form are configured as checked out above. After the is set, also make sure that a new world is generated and also restarted, otherwise that won’t fill up the preferred world.

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How To do a SkyFactory Server v Apex HostingOn the ‘Configure her Server’ page, complete the forced fieldsUnder ‘Server Version’, choose your variation from the dropdown listComplete the order and your SkyFactory server will be developed instantly