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I am not going to provide any context for this. No background, no examples of various other people doing equivalent things; this deserves to stand also totally on its very own, in glorious solitude, forever before.

Say goodbye to Snoop Dogg. Meet Todd.

Todd likes peacoats, selfies, and being white. He’s trying to find cute girls to have a good time with. Yeah, baby.



There’s also video of Todd riding about look for babes to have actually a good time with, his dank blond hair flapping lsuggest in the wind as he screams “Yeah, baby!” out the auto home window. It is the funniest. Fucking. Thing.

Also, just quickly: first one to comordinary about exactly how “this would be referred to as racist if a white man did it” in the comments will certainly have all of their possessions collection on fire. By me. I will collection every one of your possessions on fire.

Hat tip to Uproxx.

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