You aren’t a cool, modern-day parent till you’ve posted the obligatory photo of your baby in a colony pillow on your Instagram or Facebook. Just saying.

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Okay, so not every one of us are into that sort of point, yet baby loungers deserve to be loads of assist throughout the initially few months. They provide baby a cozy spot to lay and play or rest. The as a whole design of baby loungers or colonies are good at maintaining baby calm and happy.

Two of the a lot of renowned baby loungers are the Snuggle Me Organic and also the DockATot. Both develop a sweet little colony to keep your baby content while they hang out. But which is best?

For newborns and also small babies, I recommfinish the Snuggle Me Organic because it helps cradle the baby so that she feels safe and also comfortable. When babies are born, they are accustomed to the comfortable, cradling assistance of the womb. Being in this wide open up world have the right to be a scary and weird feeling, and also it’s why babies love being hosted and swaddled.

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Next, we’ll compare them head-to-head. But initially, there’s some security indevelopment that you need to know.

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Baby Loungers and also Sleep: What You Need to Know

Padded loungers favor the Snuggle Me Organic and the DockATot were when provided as co-sleeping helpers for exhausted paleas. They offered babies a spot to snuggle right into while mom and dad captured some much-required shut eye.

But a pair of years ago, the CPSC, the AAP, and also Health Canada all came out and said that utilizing any kind of kind of baby lounger in an unlooked after method is inherently dangerous. Baby might accidentally roll over or rotate to the side and suffocate on the raised sides of the lounger. Not to cite exactly how many type of babies rolled out of the nests and fell from a bed…

New references state that pincluded loungers or swarms should never before be used unmanaged, and because you are asleep (hopefully) while co-resting, that suggests baby is fundamentally unlooked after. That’s why you must exercise excessive caution when utilizing these padded loungers to co-sleep through.

Snuggle Me Organic doesn’t recommend making use of the pillow for co-resting at all, while DockATot has safety guidelines that it says adhering to if you perform decide to use the pillow for co-resting.

How They are Similar

Sleep Solution

It seems prefer tbelow are 2 camps of human being out tbelow – those that are searching for a safer co-sleeping solution and those that are just trying to gain baby to sleep better. Sometimes the camps intersect with the requirements of everyday life and the require for top quality sleep to function as an adult.

The greatest similarity between the Snuggle Me and also the DockATot is that they were both originally designed to assist with both safe co-resting and naps.

They both are designed to keep baby safe in their own area while sharing mother and dad’s sleeping quarters. The elevated up sides carve out a space for baby, which is safer versus simply having baby in the huge bed next to the parent, wright here they might be rolled on or get tangled in blankets or pillows.

In the light of brand-new warnings though, tright here is the problem that baby could roll onto their side and also suffocate on these elevated sides. That makes co-sleeping with them a tiny more worrisome, especially for older babies that have actually some motor abilities.

Due to the fact that of the design of the DockATot, it works better for co-sleeping, if that’s your planned use. Plus, it’s a little bigger, so tright here is even more of a gap between the baby and also the raised sides. Plus, Snuggle Me states that you shouldn’t use their pillow for co-sleeping, per the professionals’ recommendations.

However before, even if you are NOT wanting a lounger for co-sleeping, both of these commodities can help baby to rest or sleep soundly. By offering a hug-like embrace, baby will feel favor it’s still in mom’s arms and also have the right to nap comfortably for hopecompletely longer stretches of time (looked after, of course).

Highly rated

Both loungers are highly rated and also loved by parental fees and also babies aprefer.

Snuggle Me Customer Reviews

Amazon – 4.5 stars based upon 650+ ratings

DockATot Customer Reviews

BuyBuyBaby – 4.6 stars based on 300+ ratings


Both loungers have covers that are removable for easy laundering. There is also a multitude of color options for replacement covers.

How They are Different

Hugging vs Not

One of the biggest distinctions between the Snuggle Me and also the DockATot to me is the hugging action of the Snuggle Me. Due to the fact that of it’s center sling style, when you place a baby in the Snuggle Me, the sides come in slightly to provide baby a secure, hugging feeling. The DocATot does not perform this.


While all models of the Snuggle Me are washable and made in the USA, tbelow are various cloth alternatives.

There is the Snuggle Me Original, which does not have any kind of organic products in it. Instead, it has a traditionally grvery own cotton cover and also the fill is virgin polyester.

The Snuggle Me Organic has actually an organic cotton cover with virgin polyester fill.

The Snuggle Me Wool edition boasts an organic cover in addition to organic filling. Keep in mind that this does change the firmness of the sleeper slightly.

Available in various sizes

The Snuggle Me only comes in one size, which is geared for babies 0-8 months old.

The DockATot does come in various sizes. The DockATot Deluxe is for babies 0-8 months old, while the DockATot Grand is for babies and toddlers from 9-36 months. The Grand also is expected as a long term solution to maintaining bigger babies safe and comfortable and also to ease the shift right into their very own big boy bed. The Grand also is much bigger – 24 inches wide x 39-47 inches lengthy <39 inches with clasps closed and 47 inches through clasps open>.

Snuggle Me Features

See our full evaluation of the Snuggle Me Organic here

Patented design

The design of the Snuggle Me is such that the center of the lounger is an unpincluded sling. This accomplishes multiple benefits in one dropped swoop. First of all, the sling towel rests on whatever before surconfront it is on, and also appropriately takes on the firmness of it (which have to be exceptionally flat and firm).


It likewise provides the sides come in to hug the baby, which also helps to store the baby on its back. The Snuggle Me lounger is not recommfinished for belly sleeping, just for sleeping on their earlier which matches the safe sleep references by the Amerideserve to Academy of Pediatrics.

Period range

Because of it’s cradling comfort, the Snuggle Me is ideal for babies 0-6 months, although older babies have the right to still reap it as well. As babies obtain older, they don’t have such a high require for cshed comfort and also rather reap a tiny space. Babies deserve to naturally change out of the Snuggle Me by stretching out of it themselves or the parent’s deserve to carry out a steady shift.

Portable sleep solution

One of the neat features is the portability of the Snuggle Me. You deserve to usage it on a bed, on a couch, or on the floor, depending upon baby’s age and mobility.

It can likewise take a trip to the babysitters, grandma’s residence or on household vacation. Baby have the right to remainder peacefully because they have actually the comfort of a familiar resting surconfront in an unfamiliar place. The Snuggle Me comes with a take a trip bag for this objective.


In the Snuggle Me Organic Lounger, the cover is organic and also the stuffing is virgin polyester fill through no additives or flame retardants. There is additionally the Original variation Snuggle Me which has conventionally grown cotton along with virgin polyester fill.

According to the manufacturer, all materials are made or grown in the USA. All products are also machine washable.


The Snuggle Me dimensions are 27″ tall x 18″ wide, which can be a decent sized footprint.

Multi use

The Snuggle Me is provided by some as a co-sleeping solution. Parental fees deserve to also usage it for playtime, or to have the baby wherever before you are so they deserve to be part of the activity.

The Snuggle Me is also good for tummy time, to assist the baby learn head and neck manage. Users report that the Snuggle Me is beneficial with reflux too. All three of my boys had reflux as babies and having actually a surconfront that provides some elevation is very helpful.

For even more details on the different positions that can be used in the Snuggle Me, examine out the manufacturer’s web page about it here.

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Love it or rerotate it

The Snuggle Me comes through a 30 day guarantee. If you or your baby don’t love it, simply sfinish it back.