Some world are so bad all they have is money is a quote attributed come Patrick Meagher and Bob Marley. It’s always challenging to recognize who the original writer of a quote was, and probably doesn’t matter. It’s certainly the type of thing Marley would have actually said. The listed below transcript is indigenous an interview wherein his views on money space made clear.

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Interviewer: space you a well-off man?Marley: what perform you mean, rich?Interviewer: you have a most possessions?Marley: a most money in the bank? – possessions do you rich?Marley: i don’t know that type of richness, mine richness is life

Coco Chanel make a comparable remark as soon as she said “There are world who have moneyandthere are human being whoarerich“. I check out Marley’s (assuming it to be him) quote the “Some people are so bad all they have is money” as an inverted, an ext conciseness version of Chanel’s.

It probably doesn’t require explaining, however, this quote relies on poor being viewed holistically and not simply in the context of money. It’s an monitoring of civilization who have nothing however money, those that only care and also think about their bank balance.

Marilyn Monroe

Going indigenous Marley to Monroe: despite her wealth and also fame, Marilyn Monroe let it be recognized in a rare interview that on the whole, she feeling miserable.

“Do i feel happy in life?let’s watch …let’s say ns hope I’m finding happiness if I have the right to realise particular things in my job-related I come the closest to gift happyand I have the right to say that also about my lifewell it just happens i think in momentssometimes once I’m working and I’ll have the ability to fulfil a scene truthfully and then ns think I’m the happiest, fine I discover it an extremely stimulating to keepstudying and working however I’m not just typically happyif I’m typically anything, ns guess I’m usually miserable”

The misconception that fame and also fortune lug happiness wasn’t just commented on through Marilyn Monroe, Bob Marley and also Coco Chanel. Plenty of celebrities lively today have said the very same thing.

Unhappy celebrities

Jennifer Lawrence, Russell Brand, Justin Bieber, Matthew McConaughey, and others on exactly how riches and fame didn’t carry happiness.

More money = more work

“building riches to lock is a creative process, and the closest point they have to fun”

Robert frank (economist)

As is explained by The Atlantic in The Free-Time Paradox, in the last generation, the well-off have considerably reduced their leisure time, much more than any type of other demographic. Previous futurists had actually predicted more recreation time for affluent workers but the opposite has happened. It’s those with much less that have actually benefited. In part, this can be attributed come the status acquired from being perpetually busy.

The wealthy are an ext isolated + stingier

The physiologist and also researcher, Patricia green field tracked several households over 4 decades, many of which began bad but some flourished wealthier. Green field noticed the the families that acquired wealth additionally became more isolated together they became an ext individualistic.

With the accumulation of resources, we must rely on others less. Green field summarised the impacts of money by speak “We become an ext individualistic, less family and community-oriented.”

Dacher Keltner a professor of psychology has studied exactly how the rich space less offering than the negative which that goes on to explain in this NPR interview.

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“As we increase in wealth, along with that rise in riches comes ideas of individuality and self-expression and also autonomy and freedom — and loneliness”

Dacher Keltner (professor of psychology)Money buys pleasure, no happiness

As is mentioned in the YouTube clip over by the social media influencer Dan Bilzerian. Money can buy pleasure: possessions, sex and also drugs yet not happiness. Happiness and also pleasure space often perplexed as the very same thing which is why having countless money is no going to carry unlimited happiness.

Let’s challenge it, money is boring

If there’s one surefire way of gift disliked, it’s come talk about money every the time. Especially when she talking about your very own money. The tedious. What’s the allude in having actually all this money if girlfriend don’t have any kind of interests various other than money?

Being obsessed through money probably does aid in accumulating much more though. Just as an athlete or musician dedicates lot of your life to their craft for this reason do many of the mega wealthy. The difficulty with obsessing over money is that it’s one extrinsic goal that will certainly leave you emotion empty. Or together Marley puts it, it will leave you feeling poor.

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