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The Sonos Playbar has actually a sleeve price of $800 and also it’s worth every penny.Amazon is offering this wonderful soundbar because that $740 currently that the more recent Sonos Arc is available, yet you should absolutely skip that sale.

Head end to Amazon appropriate now and you’ll find the Sonos Playbar noted for $739.99. That’s no cheap by any type of means, yet it’s a quite solid price for this $800 Sonos model that it is provided sound top quality that will certainly blow you away. Nine enhanced internal speakers combine to create a residence theater suffer that sound incredible, and also a unique tuning feature lets the Playbar adapt to project sound perfect in any room.

As great as that deal is, however, there’s an even better sale girlfriend can find right currently at Amazon if friend hurry.

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Amazon just kicked turn off a massive brand-new sale — see every the ideal deals right here!Price:See Today's Deals!Buy NowAvailable from Amazon, occupychristmas.org may receive a commissionAvailable from Amazon occupychristmas.org may receive a commission

The Playbar might’ve been changed by the Sonos Arc, but we’ve tried both and also we can assure you that the Playbar tho holds the own and then some. Either model will be a fantastic addition come your house entertainment setup, but we certainly recommend the Playbar over the Arc at the moment. Why? because one of the finest deals we’ve ever before seen is obtainable right now at Amazon.

Sonos’s Playbar retails for $800 and as we pointed out above, it deserve to be had for $739.99 in ~ Amazon. Don’t buy it from that listing, however, because there’s a bundle obtainable right now with an even much better price! Amazon has actually the Sonos Playbar Bundle with wall surface Mount Kit in stock from two different sellers and also they’re both priced in ~ under $670. The Playbar retails because that $800, as we noted, and the wall surface mount costs an extra $40. That way you’re saving an ext than $170 on one $840 value!

There’s a good chance this deal will certainly be gone for an excellent once it sells out, therefore take advantage while you still can.

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Sonos Playbar Bundle with wall Mount KitPrice:$699.99Buy NowAvailable from Amazon, occupychristmas.org might receive a commission

Here are the cartridge points native the Sonos Playbar web page at Amazon:

The mountable soundbar for TV, movies, music, and moreEnjoy fresh dialogue and also impressive bass from wall to wall with Playbar. Manage it with the Sonos app, her remote, and also moreWhether you mount it ~ above the wall or location it listed below your TV ~ above a stand or console, Playbar immediately tunes itself for the best feasible soundPlaybar was specially tuned by Oscar-winning sound designers to emphasize the sound of the person voice so girlfriend can always follow the storyEasily affix Sonos speakers in different rooms end WiFi to produce a house sound device that brings every room and also everyone togetherFull-Theater Sound For your TVWireless Music Streaming over WifiSimple TV collection Up, control With Sonos AppOption to add Sonos Play:1 speaker for surround sound or Multi-Room CapabilityIncludes wall surface Mount Kit, Optical Cable, and Optional Ethernet CableSonos Playbar Bundle with wall surface Mount KitPrice:$699.99Buy NowAvailable from Amazon, occupychristmas.org might receive a commission

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