Everytime I try to log in and also pay for something it states this “Sorry, we weren’t able to put up preapconfirmed payments at this time.”


That's the typical message it'll throw out once the protection device is blocking the payment.

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If you're utilizing your account from a new place, brand-new gadget, or the payment is ircontinual to your usual buying behavior then the defense device may deem it also high hazard to allow the transactivity to go with at this time.

Encertain your account is totally proved (email address and also any type of cards linked).

You could attempt changing your password and attempting to make the payment aget.

Conversely you could leave your account alone for 48 hours and also try aobtain once the protection mechanism has actually calmed its jittering hands. Or you might phone assistance and also check out if they can pop a short-term flag on the account to allow the payment to go via.

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One final tip is to contact the seller and also check out if they might send you an invoice for the payment instead. Invoices issued via PayPal are reputed as being more secure than portal web links and it may be sufficient to allow you to send the funds.

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