The Rhino is a fairly popular adversary of Spider-Man. He"s one indestructible thug who has actually been offered super-powers. Think of him together a gray variation of the Hulk with much less personality.

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Rhino was presented in remarkable Spider-Man #41.

Story "Horn that the Rhino"






The US army has developed a new secret weapon the is gift shipped to a undisclosed location for assembly. It is assumed that these components were emerged individually v the intentionally of later assembly.

The very first component is gift shipped by train. Spider-Man learns of its route and decides come donate his time by giving extra security. That hops board the train and also begins come watch the end for any type of threats.Almost instantly one hazard appears and also charges the train, resulting in it to derail. The separation, personal, instance identifies himself as the Rhino. The steals the ingredient – vowing to obtain the other two - and also makes his getaway prior to anyone recovers.

When the passenger – all military police – Spider-Man realizes that he have to leave prior to they suspicion him of stealing the component. Regrettably they check out him and also as predicted reprimand him for the theft . Spider-Man hides out in a haystack and also eludes the soldiers. Somewhere along the line, Spider-Man catches a cold.

At the day-to-day Bugle, Jameson converses through an individual over the phone. He is mindful of the military"s transport plans about the other two contents over the following week. One by jet, one by submarine, one through armored car. Jameson instructs Betty to contact Parker.

At his house, Peter is in bed. Aunt May has actually him confined come bed and also is happen in household remedies to aid him get well. She answers the phone and tells Jameson in an extremely clear terms that Peter is sick and can"t take images now. Peter knows what Jameson wants, but he agrees through Aunt May; the can"t execute it "now". Later on on, when it"s dark, Spider-Man deserve to look into it.

Spider-Man return to the step of the accident and confirms the it to be a human being rhino that attacked them. He adheres to the footprints right into the city Spider-Man follows the footprints into the city wherein he shortly loses the trail. Then he decides to check this out from the wait

Spider-Man soon hears a disturbance. When he investigates he come face-to-face through the Rhino, who has actually just assaulted a formation car, crushing the engine. His cold works to his disadvantage and is knocked into an alleyway. The police have actually him cornered yet he escapes by webbing himself into a giant blue bowling ball, and knocking end the cops (with ideal bowling sound effects). . He returns to his house seconds prior to Aunt may pops in to examine on him.

She gives him part tea through a sleeping agent. Together he drink it, the call rings. May tells Jameson as soon as again that Peter will certainly not take pictures at the airplane tonight. Peter exaggerates his drowsiness to gain her to leave. He climate sets out to prevent the Rhino indigenous stealing the next component, also though that is no hope trying to continue to be awake.

At the airplane the Rhino waits till the military jet has actually landed and also steals the component, running with the defense detail. Spider-Man manages come temporarily take the briefcase back, however his cold again causes problems and also the Rhino leaves through the 2nd component.

In the rhino cavern inside main Park Zoo, the Rhino combines the two materials amid the mud dripping from the ceiling. The is pleased the is one part away from people domination.

Jameson contact Peter when again and also asks together politely together he deserve to that that take pictures of the submarine delivery. Without his pictures, they"ll be scooped through every newspaper in town. May grabs the phone far from her nephew and also tells Jonah that Peter"s no going anywhere. Maybe if the this important, he might take his very own pictures. At an initial Jonah is livid, however reconsiders thinking that he deserve to pretend to it is in a cub reporter again. Jonah"s attempts to disguise himself and also gain accessibility to a minimal military area result in his arrest.

Convincing might to let the sleep the off, Peter do the efforts to avoid the Rhino native stealing the 3rd component, getting here by sub. Because that the third time that fails and also returns to his house.

After some rest, he goes out as soon as again to find the Rhino who has escaped a police dragnet around main Park. Feather in the most apparent place – the pool in the rhinoceros exhibition – the discovers Rhino"s muddy hideout complete with the Rhino and also the assembled super-weapon

Spider-Man attaches a have the right to of pepper the he borrowed from Aunt May"s cupboard to the Rhino"s horn. This reasons him come sneeze uncontrollably. Rescuing the weapon, Spider-Man watches as the Rhino"s sneezing reasons the ceiling to collapse ~ above him, burying the in a mound the mud. Come make certain that he doesn"t leave, Spider-Man whips out his instant warmth ray and bakes the mud right into a form-fitting prison. He then takes a picture of him because that Jonah and leaves to call the police.

With the day (and world) conserved Spider-Man returns residence to shot some an ext of Aunt May"s cold remedies.

General Comments

I think this is Aunt May"s an initial and last appearance in the series. I honestly don"t remember how frequently she was used.

If by any chance, you review my testimonial of episode #1, I mentioned that something was off; Doc Ock deserves a much better storyline. With a few tweaks, this could and should have been the Doc Ock episode.

Having the Rhino construct an all-powerful weapon just doesn"t work in this instance. They had to simplify the weapon to the point where it resembles a child"s toy. In ~ this suggest you"re no better than if girlfriend just have him walk a collection of arbitrarily robberies.

Overall Rating

2 webs. The story to be decent, yet they offered the wrong villain. Again this should have actually been a full-blown Doc Ock episode. The would have actually been straightforward to present him assembling this weapon in his lab with his arms grabbing different components and also tools. Why castle didn"t perform this, I"ll never know.

There are some various other plot facets that were added for no particular reason.

exactly how did Peter obtain a "cold" from quick exposure come to water ~ the train destructive and/or exposure come the hay? If the hay resulted in it, it"s no a cold, it"s allergies. Home remedies won"t work. The "bowling alley" sequence was simply goofy. He couldn"t rise or swing away prefer he generally does? how did anyone find out around the Army"s transit routes? that is very sensitive data. Lastly using a can of pepper to defeat the Rhino is so poor I can"t find the right words to define it.

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