A standing desk needs to have a surface area to accommodate all your needs. There are many health benefits linked to working while standing. You need to find an ergonomic desk to alternate between seated and standing positions easily. If you’re a tall person, finding a stand-up desk with an adjustable height can be tricky. Individuals with an average height don’t have trouble finding one, but taller people may experience difficulty.

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To help you find the best stand up desk, we’ve reviewed the top-rated options available on the market. Let’s get started!

Best Stand Up Desk for Tall Person

Top ProductRatingColor
1. ApexDesk Elite Series 71″ W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk4.8Black
2. AmazonBasics Folding Standing Desk4.4Black
3. Uplift V2 Standing Desk5.0Brown
4. Varidesk Electric Standing Desk4.8Black
5. FITUEYES Height Adjustable Standing Desk4.7Black
6. Greesum Electric Height Adjustable Home Office Standing Desk4.8Black
7. Fezibo Adjustable Electric Standing Desk4.4Black

1. Autonomous SmartDesk 2 – Home Office


Some desks are not very functional. They might feature a minimalist style and offer less storage and organization.

Consider what you like or dislike about your existing desk. Wish there was more space for your supplies? Higher height adjustment range to accommodate taller people? Think about everything you’re going to place on the desk and how you’re going to use it.

Either way, we recommend a desk with a flat surface and ample space. Some other features to look for include:

A pull-out surface: this turns a rectangular desk into an L-shaped desk temporarily.

Computer compartment: Some people prefer these because they tuck the desktop away.

Holes or channels for cords:Look for cable management trays.

Built-in hutches:They offer a ton of storage space.

Drawer placement: Do you want them on the left or the right?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good desk size?

The desk surface should be between 20-inches and 30-inches deep and 24-inches wide. For maximum flexibility, the height range should be between 28-inches and 44-inches.

What color standing desk should I get?

It depends on the vibe you want to create. Brown is a grounding color that creates a sense of nourishment and comfort. Black is an introspective color that enhances concentration and open-mindedness. White facilitates clarity and discipline.

Should my desk face the wall?

Some people prefer having their desks face the wall as it limits distractions. Avoid gazing out your window and watching people pass your house. A desk facing the wall is ideal if you want to stay focused.

How long should I stand at a standing desk?

Standing at your desk all day is awful for your health, and experts advise people to stand at their workstations for about 30-minutes to an hour.

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Do standing desks enhance productivity?

You can achieve a healthier and ergonomic workday with standing desks. These desks increase productivity by letting you alternate between seated and standing positions.