Some old friends from Clone Wars revolve up in the Star wars Rebels season 2 opener. Here's our review of The shed Commanders...

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By Megan Crouse | October 19, 2015 | | comments count:0

This review has spoilers.

2.1 The lost Commanders

In my evaluation for the Star wars Rebels film, Siege the Lothal, i talked about how Ezra’s ignorance that the Jedi Order appeared as though it would inform his advance as a Jedi apprentice. Together it turns out, it educates his interaction with other facets of the Old Republic too, letting that defuse potentially awkward cases when the Ghost crew enlists retired clone troopers to assist them out. The shed Commanders mines the brief, destructive conflict between the clones and also the Jedi to an excellent effect, but among the beautiful painted desert and also the Hiyao Miyazaki-style pedestrian tank, part backstory seems to be missing.

Rebel informer Ahsoka Tano creates the link in between the Rebels and also the clone troopers Rex, Wolffe, and also Gregor. She’s had trouble contacting lock in the past, yet a caught droid head has the info she needs. As soon as the Ghost crew find the clones, they go fishing because that a sand worm, until a well-intentioned traitor call the empire down.

Captain Rex to be a cornerstone of The Clone Wars, and a the majority of the feeling in this episode came simply from the tense relationships in between the Jedi and the clones after ~ Order 66. Kanan bristles at the idea the being described as a Jedi general, both because he resents the Rebel authorities and because the clones took far the order of i m sorry he can once have been a part. He is even an ext uncomfortable ~ above the tank 보다 he remained in the Rebel fleet. This is wherein Ezra’s innocence again comes in handy: that bypasses the awkwardness between the two groups completely, not at every afraid that the negative blood in between the teams he has become so entangled in. The mission might have gone an extremely differently if Kanan had been compelled to do more talking.

The clones are introduced smoothly: an extremely quickly Rex is developed as the patience leader, his weak suggest his apathy; Wolffe is the the personality is bad one who jumps to defend the walker, and also big-eyed Gregor is childlike and twitchy. Gregor’s story is, perhaps, the saddest: after losing his memory during the Clone Wars, he was almost killed in one explosion, leaving him life an addled 3rd life together a clone vagabond. The proof of their resides is everywhere the walker: together Sabine says, the automobile is a work of art, v musical wind chimes and hanging mesh containers. The arrival is stiffly staged, though: all three clones walk out of the door in formation. No one appears to be guarding the behind of the walker in situation of ambush, and nor go anyone it seems to be ~ to have actually been recorded in the middle of doing something else. The development worked well in a commercial, however seemed much less realistic than the clones’ surroundings.

The pathos was there, though, and strong, every time Kanan refuse to be called by a armed forces rank, or every time he and Ezra operated together and showed part semblance the the Jedi Order the was for this reason tied up with the clones’ retirement. Dee Bradley Baker does his usual exceptional occupational at playing all of the clones contempt differently: Gregor’s voice was a very closely tuned mix of reediness and the much more typical clone growl.

Ahsoka is, the course, the various other veteran the the Clone battles in this episode. She serves as both army commander and also spiritual mentor, channeling Gandalf from The mr Of The Rings films. It’s quiet a tiny surprising to see her character model in Rebels, however the facial animation is impressive: Ahsoka’s eyes narrow as she thinks around Darth Vader, and she looks in ~ the Rebel commander Sato v an nearly parental fondness. Her dialogue is stiff – “I have not yet attempted” – and also that’s a legitimate method to beat an Obi-Wan-inspired mentor. However, a absence of backstory brings up part jarring questions: why did Ahsoka wait until now to try what seemed favor a quite easy method of finding the clones? exactly how long has it been because she last witnessed Rex? Or since Siege of Lothal? making Ahsoka distant seems to be tie her hand a small at this point, also if she put on the elegance of an all-seeing Jedi well.

The Ghost crew handle pretty conveniently into the resides of the clones, with Sabine in her element as a mechanic and Zeb serving as, well, bait for the sandworm fishing. That usage of bait is mirrored when one clone betrays the team to the Empire: the Rebels destroy the probe droid sent after them, but the realm is still coming. Gregor says, “Hunter, bait, it’s every the same,” and while we could need come wait because that the following episode come see an ext about how that connects come his personal philosophy, it’s a dull reminder of just how shell-shocked and also single-minded the clones still are. Their walker moves ever before forward v the desert, struggling to destruction in, and also Rex is resigned to being disliked by Kanan and also sitting out the war. The Empire, as always, has actually a means of making civilization hopeless. The best they have the right to do is be bait.

I’m curious to watch what results the traitor faces, or whether Kanan’s quiet disapproval of the clones will concerned a head. This is the first of one arc of episodes, memory of the ones used in The Clone Wars. I trust Rebels come wrap increase the instant story when leaving an emotional through-line for the remainder of the season: Kanan isn’t most likely to decide to whole-heartedly join the Rebel fleet as such experience through the clones. His absence of decision in this episode, though, contributed to a slight disconnect between him and the main plot.

He and Ezra have clearly become a team bonded by their trials by fire. One of the episode’s many emotional moments is when Ezra quietly claims that he has actually learned native a an excellent Jedi. That thinks that Kanan is prefer the Jedi in the Old Republic, like Kanan’s own master who Kanan never gained to meet. Darkness favor that keeps this illustration pulling at the heart strings – it just hits more difficult in single lines than in the arc that the episode as a whole.

As i have pointed out prior to in Rebels, one of the show’s staminas is the synergy between the dialogue and also the computer animation that permits characters to say one thing and leave an additional loudly unspoken: Ahsoka’s thoughts around Rex and also Darth Vader space clear, and Zeb has actually a great, if contempt awkward moment where he recovers his cool after ~ an encounter through the sand worm.

Hera is shuffled turn off to the sidelines as soon as the Ghost suffers part Chopper-related malfunctions, and also I hope the she will certainly have more to carry out in the following episode.

The animation seems come have gained some much more detail and also color over last season: close-ups on deals with are specifically crisp. The backgrounds are also beautifully painted and also reminiscent of the world Abafar in The Clone Wars. The lost Commanders was an enjoyable episode, even if it can not quite emphasis on that thesis.

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