Fans of the original The Hills were excited to tune into the premiere of MTV's The Hills: New Beginnings reboot, however the majority of were startled the second they saw Stephanie Pratt, 33, show up on display. 

"Can we please describe Stephanie Pratt's brand-new face???" one perboy, that echoed eexceptionally various other viewer, created on Twitter. "The just point that is the exact same around Stephanie Pratt is her voice," added another, prompting the question to which we all require an answer: Did Stephanie Pratt have plastic surgery?


Social media went wild through jokes around Stephanie's brand-new appearance. "But we have the right to all agree that's not Stephanie Pratt, right?" asked one perboy. "Stephanie Pratt's challenge tho choose chill sis," humorously added one more.

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Sure, she hasn't talked about her measures as well candidly — that would? But we learned from a plastic surgeon that her face didn't simply magically adjust overnight. In fact, Stephanie has actually been the resource of plastic surgical procedure rumors ever before since she stepped right into the British Celebrity Big Brvarious other house.

But we deserve to all agree that’s not Stephanie Pratt right? #TheHillsNewBeginnings

— Shabana (

Back in 2014, once she was 28, many viewers couldn't identify the newest enhancement to the Celebrity Big Brother house from her days on The Hills. Cosmetic experienced Dr. Ricdifficult Marques spoke to Closer about the work he thought she'd had done.

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"Stephanie's challenge has actually absolutely adjusted form — her nose is a lot slimmer, signifying she might have actually had actually a nose task," he said. "Her cheeks were constantly complete however they are a little even more plumped up, arguing cheek filler and also it looks favor tbelow is filler in the lips also as they are absolutely bigger."


"Stephanie looks choose she has additionally offered semi-irreversible makeup," he continued, "and also had actually her eyebrows tattooed."

Now at 33, Stephanie has actually gone earlier under the knife. Or at leastern, expert plastic surgeons seem to agree she has actually.

"Her nose certainly appears to have actually been thinned and shortened with a rhinoplasty," Dr. Anthony Youn told Radar. "Her lips also show up to have actually been plumped via injectable filler prefer Juvederm. She likewise looks prefer she's had actually Botox and also filler injections, as well."