This expression can act as a means to obtain the various other perchild to sheight talking, a means to discrmodify what he or she is saying, or a means to show you have actually a low opinion of what he or she is saying.

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Origin of Stick it in Your Ear

This exact beginning of this expression is unwell-known. However, some resources speculate that it is a euphemism for the more vulgar expression shove it up your ass.

This expression is not specifically common in contemporary conversational English, and also it is also even more rare in composed English. However, tbelow was a movie made in the year 1970 that had the title, Stick it in your Ear. This says that the expression might have actually been popular approximately that time.

Finally, it is an extremely rude thing to say, and therefore English speakers mostly avoid utilizing it. The only correct time to use it is if you intend to offend someone.

Examples of Stick it in Your Ear

This instance reflects 2 college students using the idiom while mentioning their upcoming test.

Frank: Hey, Karl! Our math test is tomorrow. Have you studied for it yet?

Karl: No, not yet. I’ll execute it later on.

Frank: Are you certain that’s a good idea? This test is intended to be really hard, and it’s worth a large part of our final grade. Someone choose you, interpretation someone that is bad at math, need to definitely have actually currently began examining.

Karl: Stick it in your ear! I’ll execute whatever before I want. Leave me alone.

In this example, two friends are at the grocery store deciding what to buy to prepare dinner.

Lily: Look at all this good stuff that I found! We deserve to use this elaborate cheese to make an appetizer, and we deserve to use this sugar and cream to make a delicious dessert.

Grace: Are you sure you want to be eating all those fatty foods? You’ve obtained some weight freshly. Maybe you should stick to simply eating vegetables.

Lily: Stick it in your ear! I didn’t ask you for your opinion on my weight!

More Examples

The excerpt below is about a senior citizen living in Nebraska. He spends his spare time fighting digital scam artists that are trying to trick older human being into providing ameans their tough earned money.

This excerpt is around a post-game interview in between a team manager and also a radio reporter.

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The expression stick it in your ear is an unprevalent expression that may have been renowned about the 1970s. It is a euphemistic method to say screw you.


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