“If girlfriend go about being afraid, you’re never going to gain life. You have only one chance, for this reason you’ve gained to have fun.” – lindsay Vonn

Business coach Bob Reish says, “If us spent much more time excited about what will go right, we would not have time to dwell ~ above why that won’t work. Don’t assume you will fail, celebrate your success as friend run towards the destination.

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When things already aren’t going right, we often emphasis on what else might possibly walk wrong. This makes it practically impossible for us to focus on resolving the things that space going wrong in the very first place! the a never-ending cycle. It’s never ever a great idea to emphasis on things that space hypothetical, or things that room out of your control.

But still, it have the right to sometimes feel impossible to stop focusing on them, specifically when nothing seems to it is in going appropriate in the first place. Fortunately, there are definite methods to train your brain to stop concentrating on every one of the things that can go wrong. As soon as you’re able come let those worries go, friend can emphasis on how to do things appropriate in her life.

Four means To prevent Being fear Of What could Go Wrong

1. Emphasis on what you can control

You deserve to only emphasis on a few things in ~ a time. Instead of struggling to emphasis on the things that you can’t possibly control – various other people, the weather, your ceo – you should start focusing on the things that you deserve to control.


As Steve Maraboli once said, “Incredible change happens in her life when you decision to take manage of what friend do have power over rather of craving regulate over what you don’t.

When we’re worried around what might go wrong, the points that issue us many are the points that we have actually no control over. Usually, the just things friend can control are your own actions, your own thoughts, and also your own words. If she worried around money, start squirreling away a rainy-day fund. If she worried around losing her job, clean up her resume and also have it all set to send out to areas you’re standard for. These are the points in her life that you can control – so take control!

2. Create a perform of all the things you’re afraid of

This may seem counterproductive, yet trust me top top this one. As soon as you’re imagining every one of the points that might go wrong, they don’t seem really concrete. That is come say, they’re much scarier in your head 보다 they actually are.

Sometimes seeing your fear in writing offers you control over the are afraid rather than the other means around,” says author Eileen Bailey. Therefore, once you start putting the points you’re afraid of into words, it’ll be much easier for you to speak yourself down from worrying around them therefore much.

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If few of the points that you’re afraid of room unlikely to happen, you’ll have the ability to see it better once you write them down. Remember: her worst-case scenarios aren’t most likely to happen! Things often go much better than you anticipate.