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The Survivor 34: Game Changers finale wrapped up last night and also "criminal" cop Sarah Lacina was crowned the the majority of game-transforming of all the game changers. If you"re sick of hearing why eextremely relocate on Survivor is "game transforming," then I have great news for you: The Video Game Changers design template has been put to bed in the Survivor background publications. A new design template is around to action into the spotlight: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.

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Let"s be frank here: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers is a actual goofy theme — prefer next-level silliness. But you also need to remember that a Survivor design template simply serves the objective of pulling in fans. It"s the cast that identify whether the seaboy soars or flops.

What a viewer wants from a Survivor player varies. Some fans tune in to see huge moves, while others desire emotional expansion narratives. For me, it"s all about great narration. I will always root for a contestant who can tell the story in a distinctive method. Having players with the ability to tell a story is much even more crucial to me than any initial design template. And tright here certainly seems to be some exciting brand-new encounters coming out of the promo that was released Wednesday.

We have actually all summer to dive into the cast, yet let"s take a look at a player from each of the seakid 35 people.

Heroes: Ben


Ben of the Heroes TribeSurvivorOnCBS/YouTube

Ben is a marine who talks in a thick southern accent, is covered in tattoos, wears a greatly stylish hat and also speaks to "honor, courage and also commitment." He"s the sort of Amerihave the right to dude I periodically only think exists in cooccupychristmas.org publications and, well, on Survivor. I dig it.

Healers: Desi


Desi of the Heroes TribeSurvivorOnCBS/YouTube

Desi is a physical therapist who is ready to prove her toughness, intelligence and stamina. Go solid lady! Also, I mean, she"s simply so beautiful. Maybe her beauty originates from her confidence or probably it"s her musceled arms and perfect skin. I do not know, however either means she provides me want to go to the gym and also then buy a bright yellow tank.

Hustlers: Ryan


Ryan of the Hustlers TribeSurvivorOnCBS/YouTube

Ryan is exactly the sort of player I was simply talking about loving. In the short promo he proves himself to be a narrator through a distinct voice and the capability to self deprecate. Ryan is a bellhop who states things like "I love turtlenecks. I do not drink and I don"t have a girlfriend yet. Come on, who"ll align via me?" I will! I volunteer to be your ally, Ryan!

This snippet of characters gives me hope for an excellent seaboy, regardless of if the design template itself finds success.

This is all not to say I won"t offer the layout a fighting opportunity. I"m only doubtful bereason Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers doesn"t exactly spark any kind of exciting conversation or change up the game; it just sounds really chuckle-worthy.

But at the same time, I remember stepping onto the mat on my season and seeing Millennials vs. Gen X. My initially believed was, "Oh boy, this is a little "hip" in a slightly off method." But I finished up finding rather a little bit of worth in the theme. I remember being on a beach with David Wbest, someone both comparable to me yet likewise from "the other generation", thinking: "Ah, I gain the theme point currently." It began an exciting conversation around similarities, routes and also generational differences. I regretted starting off through the judgment I did.

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So, let"s see if we can hustle our means right into a heroically excellent seachild and also heal the world.