I chuckled at this T-Mobile spot. She’s probably not the most responsible babysitter. She charged $30, but the complete was $50 after the fees. There’s a pizza ordering fee…we see the child asleep on a pizza box with half-eaten pizza. Then the dog sitting fee, with the daughter providing the dog a not so flattering reduced. Finally the rummage via the clocollection fee, wright here the babysitter wears the woman’s high heels and snarkily declares “we’re the same size…in shoes.” I suppose that is she, Verizon? Haha. The babysitter is Casimere Jollette, and the wife is Heather Simpkid.

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cj picknpaw says:

I think this commercial is hilarious. The initially time I experienced it, I had to earlier up the DVR, bereason I wasn’t paying cshed attention to the TV and it moves quick and it’s over. The actress (sitter) plays the part well. Self assured, matter of truth, Deserving?. The couple coming house from their night out are excellent too. I also am worn down of gotcha costs and also fees regardless of the product or service.

I am amused each time it airs.

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Solomon Ulibarr says:
Marlene meintough says:

The babysitter is such a great actress that I uncovered my self mad at her, bereason of the story below. I wish the theme was a little different. It ruined it for me once she shelp she rummaged threw a closet choose it was okay and charged a fee and also took the owners sandals. You check out that’s not funny. I had actually a babysitter who went with my closets and stole items and molested my 2 sons. I’m sorry you must never before joke or think its okay to portray teenagers in such an adverse way. Alot of adolescents are stricken via attitude and also think they are entitled to carry out as they please. Please don’t make thieexceptionally okay in your commercials. Its not funny.