Well, it finally happened. On the most recent episode of Basketball Wives LA, Tami Roman and DJ Duffey came to blows, and it was bad! While the women were on a group trip to Portugal, their drama came to a head, and Tami ended up coming after Duffey so fiercely that it took about half the film crew to hold her back. To make matters worse, when it came time to send one of them home, Jackie Christie sided with the Basketball Wives veteran and told Duffey to go home.Trouble has been brewing between Tami and Duffey ever since Jazz Anderson"s video shoot for her new song "All I Want." Tami fired Duffey when she arrived to help direct the video, leading to Duffey going off about how she works with "real artists."

Duffey apologized to Jazz, and the two were able to get past their beef. Jazz"s mom, Tami, is another story, though, and she has held onto her grudge against DJ Duffey ever since. Tami"s hatred of Duffey is so intense that she almost didn"t go on the girls" trip to Portugal at all, and that would have kept this whole scary Basketball Wives LA fight from ever happening.

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Leave it to Jackie Christie, who convinced Tami to come along for the trip and even promised that no drama would go down. That"s why Tami is now vowing to get Duffey and Jackie, whom she blames for the disastrous fight even though she was the one who came around the table and got violent.

It was during a group meal that DJ Duffey finally opened up about the drama between herself and Tami Roman. She told the other BBWLA stars that Tami had lied about what really went on during the music video shoot when she retold the incident. This really made Tami mad, and as she got up to leave the table, Duffey continued talking about the whole ordeal.Tami Roman And DJ Duffey Get Into Scary Fight on "BBWLA"

— DallasBlack.com (
DallasBlackcom) October 10, 2016Tami turned around and asked Duffey to repeat herself because she didn"t hear all of it. Duffey was able to get say "I felt like" before Tami came around the table ready to fight.

It took Shaunie, Malaysia, and Brandi, as well as several VH1 crew members, to hold Tami back. Clearly furious, Tami couldn"t be calmed down and tried for several minutes to free herself from the grip of a couple of huge security guards who were holding her back. In that time, the rest of the ladies gathered up all of their belongings, and Brandi escorted Duffey out.

After the dinner fight, Shaunie and Malaysia both tried to calm Tami down to no avail. Tami promised that the next time she crosses paths with Duffey, she"s going to put her hands on her.

Both Tami and Duffey were very vocal on social media on Sunday night while the Basketball Wives LA episode aired. Naturally, both women also feel like they are in the right and the other one was wrong.What"s your fave Tami Roman feud:Tami vs EvelynTami vs MeekaTami vs KeshaTami vs Duffey#BBWLA pic.twitter.com/mZIFa2HQrL

TeamRRNation) September 26, 2016"It baffles me that ALL of a sudden, mysteriously there is conflict," Tami tweeted. "This is called making a moment for yourself."

While Duffey said on camera that she wasn"t afraid of Tami Roman, it looks like producers ushered her away from the drama to keep things from getting really violent.

While the episode aired, Duffey tweeted, "Is it crazy that I did a photo shoot on the beach after #bbwla unbothered."

She also shared the following picture from that photo shoot.
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It was pretty clear that the drama between Tami Roman and DJ Duffey wasn"t going to die down anytime soon. The occupychristmas.org even asked last week if the two Basketball Wives LA stars would end up coming to blows and it didn"t take long for that to happen.

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With the BBWLA Season 5 reunion coming up, it looks like the drama isn"t about to stop, either. Tami Roman admitted on Twitter that they revisited the drama and that she even tried to put an end to it during the filming. Tami said that conversation "didn"t go so well" either, so it looks like fans can expect even more drama between the two women.