The actress is known for her head-turning red carpet moments, however her latest look can just height them all



Tara Reid has had her same share of head-turning red carpet moments, but her latest look could just optimal them all.

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The 41-year-old American Pie alum turned top on Thursday, showing off she slim figure on the red carpet at the liberty United Foundation’s arts for a reason event in Los Angeles in a transparent, chainmail association mini dress.

Her bra nowhere to be found, Reid rather wore tan pasties and also a corresponding thong come cover up. She was every smiles in the sleeveless increased gold gown by Australian designer Showpo — i m sorry she accessorized with a few bracelets and a silver- watch.

Gone was the wig Reid famously rocked in ~ the Hollywood premiere that Valerian and The City the a thousand Planets top top July 17, her hair pulled earlier this time in a tight pony tail.

realevanross top top the amazing revealing that his latest art work,” Reid wrote on Instagram Thursday, captioning a shot of she and also Evan Ross. “What a talent!”

“Just so everyone is aware. Ns was wearing double cutlets critical night,” she created on Instagram Friday.

In July, the Sharknado 5 star opened up about the human body shaming she’s experienced throughout her years in the spotlight.

“I’ve certainly felt bullying in my life. V media or push or just various things in my life,” she called E! News. “ constantly say ns don’t eat. Ns eat every the time. They contact me scary skinny. You’re mine friend; everyone knows i eat much more than anyone. I’m simply a thin girl.”

Reid poured the passion she feels about the reason into her new movie Worthless, about the perils of bullying. “Bullying is together a big deal these days and also it’s other I an extremely much personalized with,” she said. “In my life, I’ve had actually a most bullying and also I recognize what that feels like and how much it hurt.”

“The human body shaming that is walk on right currently is come a degree that is so bad for girls and I yes, really relate come that and also I recognize that so this movie meant a lot to me.”

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The actress likewise spoke out around bullying earlier in 2008, after ~ unflattering bikini photos native a expedition to the beach went increase online.

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“You know, it wasn’t really the pictures that pains me. The comment hurt me. wrote, ‘Look at the flabby old actress,’ ‘She used to be so hot,’ ‘She’s gross.’ It’s like, gosh, come on. I’m not fat,” she said at the time.

“I’m 5’5″ and 105 lbs. I’m not too skinny. I’m not also fat. I’m constantly dieting. I fluctuate, like, 7 lbs. Every the time,” she continued. “But I’d rather eat what ns want and then need to be very good for a pair of weeks. That way you don’t really miss out on anything. It’s a seesaw.”

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