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Next-generation Vocal Processing for the Stage

The VoiceTone Harmony-G XT takes whatever that made the VoiceTone Harmony-G a vast success — and provides it also better! Providing a perfectly crafted backing harmonies, this is the perfect pedal for singing guitarists looking to add vocal harmonies to their sound on a live phase. Harmony-G XT analyzes the voice and guitar input to produce musically correct, tight harmonies and also intelligently mixing results, EQ, dynamics, and levels. With an intelligent setup of 2-harmony voices based on guitar and voice input, Harmony-G XT is a critical tool for singing guitarists.

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Harmony-G XT is your perfect onstage companion. It listens to your performance and decides what harmony notes would certainly sound best with your song. Connect your guitar and a mic, select among the presets, play guitar and sing. It"s that easy! No distinct guitar pickups, pre-programming, or substantial musical knowledge are compelled in order to usage Harmony-G XT successfully. From a standing position, you can flip via through the five factory presets to discover the one that matches the song the ideal. If you only require 3 presets or you want approximately ten, this is configurable in Harmony-G XT.

In a recording, you have the right to layer your lead melody to develop added thickness. Live, it"s not so easy. The Double button on Harmony-G XT activates a realistic, overdub style doubling impact on your voice that you can usage alone or in tandem via the harmony voices. You have actually 4 alternatives for doubling you deserve to select from: The default: 1 voice through tightest humanization; 1 voice via looser, more organic humanization; 2 tight voices, or 2 organic voices.

Don"t let that simple-looking Tone button fool you. Beneath is a pro-level signal chain consisting of Adaptive Shape, a distinctive boom reduction and also brightness enhancer; Compression for smoothing peaks and gently elevating low-level detail; De-ess, which reduces harsh consonant sounds, and Adaptive Gate, which can help reduce feedback while reducing harmonized chattering of tools as soon as you"re not singing. Once Tone is caused, it remains energetic as soon as harmonies are on and also off and also even in Bypass so you can chat with your audience utilizing the very same great tone as once you sing.

Auto chromatic pitch correction gently shifts your voice closer on pitch, making you sound much better. It"s dubbed Auto Chromatic bereason you don"t need to collection anypoint various other than turning it on. It"s choose singing through a perchild who sings perfectly on pitch. The subtle pitch adjustments enhance your sound but they additionally serve as a overview that helps you sing much better too.

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Harmony-G XT has actually a USB link and a cost-free contained internet applet referred to as VoiceSupport which permits basic backup and reclaim of your presets to a computer, quick product registration and also up-to-date news on software updays, tips and also tricks and demo videos.

TC Helicon VoiceTone Harmony-G XT Features:Imverified NaturalPlay guitar-regulated harmony algorithmFront-of-house quality reverb algorithm and selection of layouts from VoiceLive 2Selection of four overdub-style doubling effects with 2 even more doubling voices availableRefunctioned FX presets sell also even more energy throughout music stylesUSB connection for easy software updates, tips, and precollection backup using the contained VoiceSupport appletAdaptive harmony gate added to Tone for a cleaner mixEasy manual selection of Scale & Key for singers without an instrument or horn playersXLR and also 1/4" I/OTwo voice 4th generation intelligent harmonySeparate Double result making use of overdub algorithmTone switch engeras adaptive Live Engineer Effects6 reverb/delay combinations - for vocal and guitar input10 presets each with A/B locationHarmony Arrangement algorithm lis10s to guitar and voice to follow your musicSelectable harmony voicing including distinct Bass settingXLR mic level I/O in stereo or monoClean, studio high quality mic preamp with phantom powerGuitar input and pass-thru for sepaprice ampGuitar TunerAC adapter includedGenerate harmonies on the fly with TC Helicon"s Harmony-G XT!
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