Our relaxed environment is an escape from the hectic pace of life in Atlanta. We carry out our guests with health and wellness filled expertise and also overview their bodies to relaxation and regeneration. We have nine massage rooms that accommoday individual and also couples therapies.

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Our mission is to support the optimal holistic health of our guests, offering mind-body replenishment, pain relief, and also relaxation.

Our technique is unique. Each massage is entirely customized for your individual needs. That is why we do not charge different amounts for different formats of massage. Further, unlike most other suppliers, the time of the session you select is what you obtain. In various other words, an hour massage is a full 60-minute session via your therapist.


We strive to produce long term relationships and also an amazing endure for our clients. Because of this, we have actually designed a discounted massage series to carry out customers looking to incorpoprice massage into their healthy way of living and also fitness regime. We have likewise created packages that administer a deeper level of indulgence. You don"t require a distinct occasion to treat yourself or a loved-one to an excellent endure.

Give yourself the gift of relaxation, health and also wellness. Incorpoprice massage right into your way of living.Enjoy a discount once you purchase a collection of eight massage services of 60 minutes or more. Students in our neighborhood deserve to relieve their tension and get similar discounts for a series of only three massages.

A massage is an remarkable personal experience that brings relaxation and well-being.We sell miscellaneous packages to allow you to expand the suffer for you or your loved ones.Please view what Art of Touch experiences we have created for you.

Give the gift of health and wellness and also relaxation. Massage is prstove to relieve tension, stress and anxiety and also pain, and also provides a great personalized gift. Your guest will reap a beautiful facility that is an airy haven for relaxation. A truly tranquil experience they will appreciate.

As Atlanta"s premiere therapeutic massage center we are focused on our client"s health and wellness, well-being and also as a whole suffer. A tranquil atmosphere, attentive staff and the best therapists in Atlanta fosters relaxation and renewal.

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In enhancement to an remarkable massage, we likewise provide a beautiful environment to relax prior to or after your organization. Located on iconic Peachtree Street nestled in the heart of Midtown we provide an open and airy environment. Two spacious relaxation "zen dens" were designed to aid guests unplug before and also after their massage therapy. Clients are urged to come early or continue to be late and also gain a beverage while relaxing, browsing artjob-related or sitting on our balcony overlooking the City.

You more than likely think of it as the a lot of decadent indulgence, appropriate up there via the increased petal pedicure. But for the harried womale, a consistent massage can occupational wonders. “When you are stressed, your body realizes the hormone cortisol, which gets to your muscles and prompts them to produce adhesions, which are choose svehicle tproblem.” says Shannon Grant, a licensed massage therapist and also owner of The Art of Touch Therapeutic Massage Center in Atlanta. “You deserve to have actually adhesions in your shoulder and neck just from sitting at a computer system all day.” The Babsence Woman’s Guide to Healthy Living, Published 2008. www.significance.com

Our Center is unique and also unprefer any type of other. It was deliberately designed to showcase regional artists and their artwork. Throughout the year we work-related via neighborhood artists and provide a venue for them share their creations via our guests. Like what you see? Everypoint is for sale!

"I got a massage by Julia and she is amazing! The framework were extremely nice, relaxing and also clean. Love that it doubles as an art gallery!...I really valued that they just didn"t attempt to offer me my next visit and seemed to genuinely treatment for my problem areas. I"ll be back!"

"Omg! Everything was wonderful. I was visiting from out of town and had actually a sciatica flare up. Best massage of my life...and I get most masseras. I was entirely relieved."

"Awesome Experience! When you walk in, the environment is serene and also peaceful. My massage therapist Christina was amazing!...The room doubles as an art gallery browse at good art prior to and/or after your session. They also have a balcony with seating for you to relax after your session. Great place and I very recommfinish."

"This area was amazing! My husband and I had actually a pair massage this day and also it was heavenly...Go here and also obtain a 90 min massage with Sarah or Amanda!!"

"PHENOMENAL EXPERIENCE FROM START TO FINISH. I booked a couple"s massage for a surpincrease birthday gift for my husband. We truly delighted in ourselves."

"This location is exceptional. It has a posh waiting location and balcony, massage rooms that are insanely spacious, and I obtained the best deep tproblem massage. Plus, they offered me the full hour fairly that cutting it brief at 50 minutes...I will not go almost everywhere else in Atlanta after going to The Art of Touch."

"This area is an suffer. you won"t leave disappointed. Its beautiful and believed has been given to eextremely information. Beautiful, artful, hip, chic space...Upday 6/18 simply tried the Thai massage with David omg OMG. No words but attempt it. Amazing. I am bacount out the door and also had actually to post. That was the finest money I have spent all year!"

"Fantastic suffer. Anita has actually hands of magic. I"ve had actually masseras all over the human being in my travels...barget chains, specialty resorts, premier spas, health clubs/gyms, Thai massage, sporting activities massage, and so on and she"s achieved one of my top 3 ever. Highly recommend this location."


Monday: 10am-8pmWednesday: 10am-8pmThursday: 10am-8pmFriday: 10am-9pmSaturday: 10am-9pmSunday: 10am-8pm