Rebekah Kennedy (Esther Labott), ray McKinnon (William Labott) and Brandy Zarle (Debbie Labott)

The plot: Esther Labott escapes from a house, to run frantically under the street. Nobody knows that she is. She it s okay on a train at a lengthy Island rail stop and also locks herself in the bathroom. In ~ the last stop, the conductor phone call the cops when they can’t acquire her out. Fin and Amanda Rollins to the rescue. Esther won’t provide them her name till Rollins tempts her with candy. In ~ the hospital, she is discovered to be severely malnourished and ravenously hungry. The medical professional warns against letting her eat whatever in sight. In ~ SVU, Rollins thinks 2 slices of pizza won’t do any kind of harm and also manages to find out that it to be her residence that she escaped from however not why. They additionally learn that she recently had actually sex through an uncle or brother. Esther recites bible whenever she feel threatened and is surprised the Rollins to know the Bible, too. Through no missing persons reports, they need to put Esther ~ above the news. Meantime, Fin and also Carisi examine the LIRR protection cameras and also see two men scouting the tracks. They have actually on the same military surplus jackets together Esther. A visit come the local army surplus keep is nonproductive. In ~ SVU, a guy named william Labott reflects up and also wants his daughter. His wife witnessed Esther’s photo on the news. He reflects a Toms River, NJ ID and says the local police wouldn’t take it a absent persons report because that 24 hours. SVU desires to revolve Esther over to boy protective services yet Labott informs them that Esther is not a child. She is 27 year old. In spite of Rollins’ protests, they have no choice but to let Esther leave through her father.

SVU unable to do Wild: Rollins speak Lt. Olivia Benson that she demands a pair of mental health days, after ~ apologizing for overreacting. Benson sees through this maneuver however merely speak Rollins to store her in the loop and also not ruffle any feathers in new Jersey. Rollins finds the end that the Labotts don’t even live in brand-new Jersey anymore. She tracks them under to their house in Douglaston in the Borough the Queens, and sees dad Labott pack a whole passel of kids into a van. She adheres to them come a bowling alley and also takes your picture. Esther spots her yet keeps mum. Ago at SVU, Rollins reflects Fin and Carisi the photo with 9 kids who all look as hungry as Esther. Rollins declares this setup a “patriarchal cult” and is identified to save the kids and get the dad locked up. She goes earlier and sneaks approximately the house. Once she hears a child crying because that food, she peeps in and sees the kid is chained up. She division in and tries come tell the kid she will help but the kid keeps hollering. Esther comes in, complied with by Debbie, Esther’s mother. Dad Labott mirrors up with a shotgun and order Rollins out. She wisely leaves and also calls the neighborhood police.

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They soon arrive as carry out the rest of the SVU detectives. ESU and hostage negotiators are on the way. After part wrangling end who’s in charge, they try to get William Labott to talk or come out. ESU Capt. Sasso decides to change the ladder by getting up top top the roof to get some tear gas inside. The police officers are shot through a skylight. Some Labotts come out, shepherded by the mother. Within weapons begin firing, presumably led through the father. The police spray the entirety front of the house with a virtual fusillade and you check out Rollins fire two shots. Suddenly Benson stands up, informing the cops to hold their fire. The father shouts “No, no!” from inside and also rifles room thrown outside. Wilhelm Labott comes out to surrender. The police go into the residence to find kids hiding and dead bodies. One of them is Esther, dead on the floor v a bullet through her forehead. Wilhelm Labott claims to Benson and Rollins: “You eliminated my children. Because that what?”

The aftermath: daddy Labott insists he was a great father. Rollins is around to walk ballistic once she is kicked out of the interrogation through Benson. Carisi encounters Debbie Labott, demanding come know exactly how she might sit by and also watch her kids be treated choose that. Outside, Benson informs Rollins that the preliminary ballistic tests room back. “That fast?” Rollins marvels. Yes, and the deadly shot come Esther’s head came from Rollins’ gun. Rollins is grief-stricken while Benson is confident that she will be cleared of any kind of wrongdoing and will be ago on the job in a couple of days. Rollins later finds part solace at a church.

Assuming that we also got to the allude where Rollins breaks into the Labott home, in our version, it would have actually been much better for the dad to shooting Rollins, however not fatally. Esther phone call the police and also the whole cult point is exposed v the minor kids taken off to son services and also the parents in custody.

Anyhow, the SVU writers really should stop with this vigilante SVU squad. It’s beyond ridiculous. Take it a look in ~ the description of the real new York City distinct Victims Unit. It claims the one-of-a-kind Victims division has different Borough Patrols — Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. As soon as Amanda Rollins uncovered out where the Labotts yes, really lived, she should have handed the case off.

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It was bad enough that Benson enabled her to go to NJ to inspection “unofficially,” now, Benson insurance claims Rollins will be back at occupational in a couple of days in spite of the truth that if that were taken on properly, nobody would have actually died. We obtain that the SVU detectives room crusaders yet they need to crusade within the legislation a lot of more!

Kelli Giddish is obtaining a many props for her “range” in this episode, however how about Rebekah Kennedy together Esther — play a malnourished 27 year old that everyone think is a teenager? She is yes, really 34 years old! How’s the for range?