Evidence with individual attributes can cause a decision of common origin (single source). Which form of evidence CANNOT yield together results? a. Random striations on toolsb. Fingerprints c. Wear patterns on tires d. Single-layer paints
The likelihood the finding class physical proof is ______ the likelihood of recognize physical evidence with individual characteristics. A. The very same asb. Less than c. Better than
Physical proof is thought about to have _____ together that of eyewitness (testimonial) evidence.a. The exact same valueb. Better value c. Less value
The corroborative use of physics evidence way that it have the right to be supplied to: a. Provide a command to give the investigation direction.b. Establish a identify identity.c. Support various other investigative findings.d. Rule out a certain suspect.

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b. The standard referral sample (control) does not share characteristics with evidence at the crime scene
Physical proof can be provided to exonerate or exclude, a human from skepticism if: a. The is gathered in accordance with the 4th Amendment.b. The standard referral sample (control) indigenous the person does not share qualities with proof at the crime scene.c. The does not have a well-documented chain of custody.d. Evidence taken from suspect is obtained voluntarily.
Forensic databases are maintained for all of the following EXCEPT: a. Fingerprints b. Dental impressions. C. DNA. D. Automotive paint.
The an unified DNA Index device (CODIS) became fully operational in what year? a. 1998 b. 1991 c. 1978 d. 1999
A ingredient of the National integrated Ballistics details Network is called:a. PDQ.b. CODIS. C. IBIS.d. A and b
When a forensic analyst determines the chemistry composition of preparations that may contain illicit medicine such together heroin, cocaine, or barbiturates, this is an example of: a. Individualization. B. Identification. C. Classification. D. Comparison.
The check of a repaint chip found on a hit-and-run victim\"s garment side-by-side with repaint removed from a vehicle suspected the being affiliated in the event is an example of: a. Comparison.b. Identification. C. Classification. D. Individualization.
Evidence having class qualities can:a. Exonerate an innocent suspect. B. Attach a person to a crime with a high degree of certainty. C. Constantly be fitted together in the path of a jigsaw puzzle. D. Have actually no evidential value.
If the laboratory can piece broken glass from a window or headlight together, climate the proof has _____ characteristics. A. To know b. To compare c. Individual d. Class
A comparison analysis subjects a doubt specimen and a regulate specimen come the very same tests and also examinations for the ultimate objective of determining: a. Whether or no they have actually a typical origin. B. If castle are identical in chemical composition. C. If the same human handled them. D. If they room alike in molecule structure.
Determining the an explosive mixture has dynamite is an instance of the procedure of: a. Identification. B. Comparison. C. Class characterization. D. Individualization.

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The computerized database supplied to keep DNA details is: a. AFIS. B. CODIS. C. NIBIN. D. Drugfire.
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