error: The adhering to untracked working tree papers would certainly be overwritten by checkout:


You are watching: The following untracked working tree files would be overwritten by checkout

Please relocate or remove them prior to you have the right to switch branches.


This is what my .gitneglect file looks like:








How carry out I get this functioning so I can switch branches without deleting those files?

If I make a readjust, will certainly it impact those files? In other words, if I came earlier to this branch afterward would certainly every little thing be perfect as up to my latest commit?

I do not desire to shed those records, I simply don"t desire them tracked.

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6 Answers

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answeredJul 16, 2019by yeshwanth.intelli(50.2k points)

The question seems prefer you want the records ignored but they have already been committed.

For that .gitignore does not influence files that are currently in the repo so they must be removed with

git rm --cached

The --cached will certainly prevent it from having actually any type of result on your functioning copy. After the files are removed from the repo then the .gitdisregard will proccasion them from being added again.

But the other trouble with your .gitdisregard, you are excessively utilizing wildcards and it"s causing it to enhance less than you intend it to.

For that see this .gitignore file








This will help you to overcome this problem.

For even more commands, you deserve to visit git commands or you deserve to review the git tutorial all set by the professionals.

commentedAug 10, 2019by anonymous
Thanks. By rerelocating all the records from the present branch and also backing them up. Then switching branches and also put them back. That operated. Also, thanks for the pointer on the .gitdisregard though
commentedAug 12, 2019by Anurag(33.1k points)
Thanks for this clear explanation!
commentedAug 16, 2019by Ashok(47.2k points)
Sometimes it happens if you execute "git checkout" without a branch name. To resolve, do "git checkout branchname"
commentedAug 17, 2019by Shlok Pandey(41.4k points)
This answer was valuable.

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answeredJul 29, 2019by Han Zhyang(19.7k points)

Just pressure it to checkout to an additional branch:git checkout -f another-branch

commentedAug 8, 2019by chandra(29.3k points)
But I"ve heard that making use of -f choice will certainly delete the local files that are not indexed.
commentedAug 10, 2019by vinita(108k points)
I acquired this error: pathspec "mybranch" did not complement any file(s) known to git.
commentedAug 13, 2019by kodee(44.3k points)
This will delete all the local papers which are not indexed, so be cautious prior to doing this.

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answeredAug 10, 2019by vinita(108k points)

If you"re on OS X, it might be bereason a file"s name has had actually some characters readjust case. Try establishing the following config option:

git config core.ignorecase true

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answeredAug 10, 2019by Prakhar_04(29.8k points)

Try utilizing the adhering to :1. git fetch --all2. git reset --hard origin/branch_name

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answeredAug 10, 2019by Rajesh Malhotra(19.9k points)editedAug 13, 2019by admin

Just pressure it : git checkout -f another-branch

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answeredAug 21, 2019by Vishal(106k points)

Almany all of the answers consider deleting or removing the papers, which is the basic method. But periodically you carry out not desire to delete or remove your regional files. So, what you can execute is merge them through a strategy, so git has actually a solution for this also. Use the listed below pointed out code:-

git merge --strategy=ours master

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