Get the coffee cup size wrong and your favourite caffeinated beverage might feel off. In reality, tright here are different coffee mug sizes for each kind of coffee. For instance, the Italian Espresso Institute has characterized clear demands for a perfect espresso cup dimension. Other criteria are not that stringent, yet it doesn’t suppose you shouldn’t know around them.

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This short article gives a detailed overcheck out of the conventional and specialized coffee cup sizes. By the end of it, you’ll be able to make a much more educated choice in terms of size for any type of type of coffee or occasion.

Standard Coffee Cup Size

In general, the conventional cup sizes are in between 30ml and also 295ml, which functions good for drip coffee. On the other hand also, cups have the right to go all the way up to 15oz or even more to accommoday those that really have to fill up on caffeine. As suggested, tbelow is also a cup size for eextremely coffee form. Depending on what form of coffee you like, the cup may be bigger or smaller than the standard.

Some cups fall under the barista typical. This indicates that they fit perfectly under coffee machine group heads.

In the complying with sections, we’ll talk about the standard coffee cup size for popular coffee types. The list starts with the smallest of them and likewise has a rundown of oversized models.


Espresso cups are normally in between 60ml and 88ml, however tbelow are 103ml and 118ml models too. These cups are additionally known as demitasses and also are designed to accentuate the espresso flavour. They feature a vast rim and a narrow base which brings all the aromas closer to your nose and palate. (1)

Ideal cup for Italian espresso is a white china cup, free of any type of inside decoration, elliptical in shape, through a capacity of 50-100ml.


These are normally twice the size of an espresso cup and come at 147ml to 177ml. The rim have the right to be rather wide, yet the base still remains narrowhead. Generally, cappuccino cups/mugs come through a saucer plate. See our favourites here.

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