I acquire this WARNING as soon as I try to develop my maven project. I have actually searched google yet via no luck. This is really annoying because I wanna release my task however it wont work-related with this warning (I think). The build is successful, but as soon as I attempt to deploy the war file it doesen"t occupational (no error message). The just warning I can find once I develop the task is this:

The requested profile "projectname" can not be activated bereason it does not exist.

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This happens as soon as you have actually the adhering to in your settings.xml (in your .m2 directory), and no profile with the id projectname.




If you run

MVN clean install

from command also line and do not gain the warning, yet get it if you run it from Eclipse m2e plugin, examine if you have actually set a profile in the (default) Run configuration.

In Eclipse Project Explorer, pick the job, best click > Run As > Run Configurations. Check the m2 run configurations of your project. Check if you have "projectname", i.e. the profile discussed in the WARNING is provided in the Prorecords parameter. Rerelocate the profile from the prorecords form area in the dialog. The cause might be that you have actually had a in you pom.xml, and supplied it in the develop. When you remove it from pom.xml - it remains in the run configuration, also if it does not show up in the job explorer"s Maven conmessage menu (Maven > Select Maven Profiles ...)



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Spring Maven clean error - The asked for profile "pom.xml" could not be caused bereason it does not exist

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