Although such a simple question might have passed with our minds many times, not everyone has stopped to ponder thoaround in their busy resides. Only as soon as the pandemic comes, many type of of us have even more time to ponder life’s true meaning. You might discover many type of views from family members, books, or religious beliefs. However, these are just referrals for us to uncover the answers to our very own life.

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What did I usage to think?

Personally, I offered to be taught that we should job-related to be wealthy and also live happily. Tright here was a time I used to limit myself to my very own concept of happiness. I provided to think that wealth was crucial to my happiness. However before, in the context of months of remaining at residence and also hearing the consistently boosting number of situations and deaths eexceptionally day, I felt that life is even more fragile. I just start to wonder if my happiness principle remains true?

What if I was provided a choice?

If I deserve to select my lifestyle ideal now, I would choose to leave the city and return to my hometvery own. In such a far-off area, I deserve to flourish my own vegetables, cook my very own meals, learn meditation, yoga, learn to love myself, and also continue to be cshed to nature. Anyway, in the 4.0 era, seeing and also learning what personal share on social netfunctions somehow helps me not to feel alone. I deserve to likewise find my new boundaries or talents. And bereason I constantly uncover positivity in obstacles, I understand also more about the meaning of my existence in this life.

What made me think differently?

When reading the book Many type of stays, Many type of times by author Nguyen Phong, I think that all my relationships in this life, particularly with my family members members, maybe great predestined ones from a previous life. I also feel the happiness comes from straightforward points. I begin wanting to share through those who are struggling in living. I think that many kind of civilization might sleep under bridges as a result of project loss, and inability to pay rent. When I’m kind to civilization, I feel my heart is bigger and also humanity provides me feel warmer.

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What is the the majority of essential point to me this time and also thereafter?

Although the prospect of extinguishing the pandemic is still far away, I think we will have to live through the pandemic for the economy to return to normal. Of course, we additionally must continue to be distant, wear masks, disinfect, occupational from home to safeguard ourselves. More importantly, we have to adapt to this brand-new life and also find out what is lasting happiness within us. I understand that love and kindness are the the majority of crucial things in my life currently. And some quotes listed below would make sense to me this time and also afterwards.


What are quotes that inspire you? What carry out you think is the a lot of necessary thing in your life best now?