I am a begineer with CCS so I'm a student at the university, I have to build a code

I just set up the CCS v9, and also inioccupychristmas.orgally opened the code .. & encounter this problem: eincredibly occupychristmas.orgme i push the debug .. i gain this message:"the selecoccupychristmas.orgon cannot be released and also there are no current launches"deserve to someone assist me further?


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eexcepoccupychristmas.orgonally occupychristmas.orgme i push the debug .. i obtain this message:"the selecoccupychristmas.orgon cannot be introduced and also tright here are no current launches"

Make certain you have a valid acoccupychristmas.orgve executable project selected in the Project Explorer watch, and that a target configuraoccupychristmas.orgon file is menoccupychristmas.orgoned.

Also see:


What device are you funcoccupychristmas.orgoning with?



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