Political Science and also the Myth of Leadership

By Cedric J. Robinson

With a brand-new foreword by Erica R. Edwards

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310 pp., 5.75 x 9, notes, bibl., index

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Do we live in basically orderly societies that periodically erupt into violent problem, or do we fail to perceive the constancy of violence and also disorder in our societies? In this timeless book, initially publiburned in 1980, Cedric J. Robinboy conhas a tendency that our perception of political order is an illusion, maintained in component by Western political and also social philosophers who depend on the principle of leadership as a basis for describing and also prescribing social order.

Using a variety of important ideologies in his analysis, Robinboy synthesizes elements of psychoevaluation, structuralism, Marxism, timeless and also neoclassic political approach, and cultural sociology in order to argue that Western assumed on management is mythological rather than rational. He then presents examples of historically developed “stateless” societies via social institutions that imply conceptual alternatives to the means political order has been conceived in the West. Assessing Western assumed from the vantage point of a human being only marginally integrated into Western establishments and intellectual traditions, Robinson"s perspective radically critiques basic ideas of leadership and also order.
Cedric J. Robinkid (1940-2016) was professor of Babsence Studies and political scientific research at the College of California, Santa Barbara. His books include Babsence Marxism, Forgeries of Memory and also Meaning, and also The Anthropology of Marxism. For more information around Cedric J. Robinson, visit the Author Page.

"Cedric Robinchild is an original thinker whose job-related obstacles disciplinary and also epistemological limits by painstakingly revealing the substance of such borders. But even more, this book serves not sindicate to disclose the weaknesses of certain explanatory develops, but more usecompletely to propose alternative viewpoints to the difficulty of expertise both past and also current. His prose—sharp, taken into consideration, lyrical, funny—compels us to think aget around what we think we already recognize about expertise, power, social order, and social readjust."--Ruth Wilkid Gileven more, writer of Golden Gulag: Prisons, Surplus, Situation, and Opposition in Globalizing California

“Cedric Robinkid is an intellectual treacertain, a world-historic thinker whose affect is currently great and also will certainly only increase as time passes.”--Howard Winant, College of California, Santa Cruz

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