So if anyone has watched Courage the Cowardly Dog you’ll gain this recommendation. It’s one of my family’s favorite cartoon bereason this poor dog does every little thing to conserve the resides of his loved ones in eextremely episode and also constantly ends up saying, “the things I perform for love”. Now I can’t complete with Courage’s heroism, however I felt the very same once I was going earlier residence for winter break. Traveling 2 hrs from Waterford to Dublin, 6 hours from Dublin to Boston, 4 hrs from Boston to NYC, and also 1 hour from NYC to NJ. Granted this is all my doing because I was being “frugal” and also the trip to Boston was cheaper at the moment (I must have actually factored in the opportunity cost). Regardmuch less, I wanted to obtain home and surpincrease my household this holiday. I initially was encouraged that I was staying in Ireland throughout the break to do some exploring. But, I’ve never before been amethod from residence during the holidays and also so a part of me didn’t desire to break the heritage. The various other part was being convinced by mother that was “mad” I wasn’t coming home asking, “why aren’t you coming house, we miss you?” 😂. Only she would certainly react that way. She also intimidated that she wouldn’t be putting up the Christmas decorations bereason it wouldn’t feel like Christmas without me home…. super dramatic lol. But, I understood what she meant by it and I honestly felt the exact same way.

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So I headed home and also I was able to surprise my family! My dad opened the door and also simply kept repeating “wow!” and also offered me a hug. My sister was of course in my room and she simply looked at me choose “oh boy, what is she doing here” (she loves me though I promise). And then the funniest was my mother who was asleep in her room, so I woke her up and she said, “what the heck, how??” and offered me a huge hug.

It definitely felt excellent to be home and also be approximately family members and friends for a bit, just to recharge and capture up. Being able to laugh at my dad’s corny jokes, watch some basketsphere and the Real Housewives of Atlanta through him, bvarious other my sister and play Sims 4 through her, and also just talk and watch TV via my mom was worthwhile. Also, I had the ability to chef it up ago residence. I made some baked chicken and a roast for Christmas. I also made some cookies, but unfortunately burned those🤦🏾‍♀️.

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Super happy to have actually spent the holidays house, yet I am additionally looking forward to Round 2 below in Ireland also and also hoping to continue to improve and also go on a couple of adendeavors this next semester.