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I can't think I'm stuck with her every summerI gambling she doesn't wrestle, hunt or boxHe watch conceitedWhat a full bummerIf I get lucky I'll get chicken poxSo happy you can comeSo happy to it is in hereHow I'd choose to runThis is not my ideaThis isn't mine idea
Of fun!The kids seem to acquire along quite nicelyWe'll join our lands if this setup clicksMy dear King William, that's my suggest precielyIt's such good parentingAnd politicsSo happy we agreeI think we've obtained a dealDerek's rather a catchThis is my idea
This is my ideaOf a match!Good heavens, child, don't dawdleWe can't store Derek waitingI haven't packed or washed mine hairAnd father, I obtain seasickThey quickly will be arrivingIs that respect you're showing?You make me kiss her hand againI swear I'm gonna be sickOne job Prince Derek will be her intendedSplendid!

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We've tried every summer yet we simply can't lose herHey, fellas, wait up!Quick, put on some speed!When picking teamsOr friendsI never choose herYou think she'd take it a hint and also learn come readThis yes, really isn't fairWe yes, really couldn't careBoys, it's every or noneThis is not my ideaThis isn't mine ideaOf fun!Long prior to they metDerek and OdetteWere destined to it is in weddedHowever, anyone could seeThe only allude on which castle didn't disagreeWas the the very thought of summertimeWas dreadedShe make the efforts to talk me into playing dress-upShe's always flirting with the castle guardsI think girlfriend really sort of favor her, 'fess upI'd favor her far better if she'd lose at cardsFour sevens and also a tenI think I've winner againEvery time she's wonThis is mine ideaThis isn't mine ideaOf fun!We require a royal weddingI'd love to be invitedAt least we'll acquire a vacation to remainder our ploughs and axesSomeday these two will marryTwo lands will be unitedAnd with some happy their marriage may an outcome in lower taxesWhat if Odette doesn't walk for the merger?Urge her!For as lengthy as i rememberWe've to be told we'd someday wedEvery June until SeptemberAll your pushing and also annoying hintsI've acquired bruises through their fingerprintsI deserve to do much better, i am sureHe's therefore immatureI check out him smiling and also my knees begin bucklingI see inside him and also my doubts room goneShe started out thus an ugly ducklingAnd somehow suddenly became a swanSo happy to it is in hereTill currently I never ever knewIt is friend I've to be dreaming ofThis is my ideaThis is my ideaWhat a good idea, it's such a charming and also romantic notionThis is my ideaThis is mine ideaSuch a an excellent ideaSuch a an excellent ideaWhat a great ideaSuch a an effective and magic notionThis is precisely my idea of loveThis is mine ideaThis is my ideaThis is my idea the love