The Timber Creek Lodge Nikita Williams bikini photos room here–and, together was the instance with her TCL colleagues prior to her, they room spectacular. Nikita is Whistler Gibbons’ chief extraordinaire, yet hardly spends every one of her time in the kitchen, as her lively society media feeds have the right to attest.

In fact, she’s appropriate up front about her photo-sharing proclivities on she Instagram page, warning tourists that, regardless of what they can expect, she “rarely post food or bikini shots,” so “please lower expectation accordingly.” but “rarely” doesn’t average “never”–and evaluate by the high quality of some of the pics, it’s clear the Nikita additionally does a little modeling from time to time:

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many thanks
la_fauci for making me look fifty percent decent… opportunities are it'll never happen again #sorrymom ???

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Nonetheless, Nikita takes her work really seriously. And also she’s had actually quite a little of practice at it: she obtained her an initial cooking project at 15, working in the kitchen of a mexican restaurant near her home on Vancouver Island. (Plus, provided that she prospered up through eight other siblings, you need to assume she parents enlisted she to cook dinner a time or two.) after ~ attending culinary school, Nikita functioned as a sous chef in ~ Victoria’s call The London chief for almost four years.


According come her official Bravo bio, it was the single most important job throughout her developmental years: it was there that Nikita “developed her an individual cooking style,” one she enlisted to great acclaim during her time in ~ Whistler Gibbons during the filming of timber Creek Lodge Season 1. And here’s a tidbit because that TCL pan looking for early on spoilers: Nikita’s official LinkedIn bio mentions the her employment at the lodge is completely seasonal, meaning her return isn’t a offered if hardwood Creek Lodge gets picked up because that a 2nd season.


In fact, according to that very same bio, Nikita functioned most newly as an governmental assistant because that an audit firm?! Hopefully, that doesn’t average she’ll continue to be out of the kitchen for as well long. Provided the solid ratings for lumber Creek Lodge‘s first episode, the seems like a Season 2 is a fair bet; hopefully, that way Nikita will be earlier in former of the cameras prior to too long.





You have the right to follow Nikita on facebook here, and also on Instagram here. And, the course, friend can check out she adventures at Whistler Gibbons once Timber Creek Lodge airs Monday nights ~ above Bravo.

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