Tory miller competes in an episode of "Iron chef Showdown" that finally aired Wednesday."s best-known chief took down Iron chef Bobby Flay.

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The rest of the nation learned Wednesday night what diners in have actually known because that 14 years: chef Tory Miller’s cooking reigns supreme.’s best-known chef arised victorious top top a nationwide stage, winning a Food Network “Iron chef Showdown” versus Jenner Tomaska of following Restaurant in Chicago utilizing potatoes and then going on to beat iron Chef Bobby Flay by preparing bison.

Miller is holding a six-course, $125-a-plate dinner in ~ L’Etoile Sunday in i m sorry he will certainly prepare the same menu as what to be featured top top the show. A few spots remained late Wednesday.

About 70 human being — friends, family, pan — packed the bar of Estrellón because that a the town hall party, and also included many of the same encounters who turned out in the same ar Dec. 13 when the episode was initially slated come air.

It gained louder in the room during vital parts that the display than a sports bar deserve to be through the Wisconsin Badgers men’s basketball team in the last Four.

Miller stated he beat the celebrity cook by food preparation his “super Asian-y food.” He claimed he knew if he obtained to compete against Flay in the second round, he had a great chance the winning through the team that he had.

He was able to lug sous chefs Itaru Nagano, L’Etoile’s chief de cuisine, and Desiree Nudd, previously of Estrellón, to Los Angeles for the taping. Nudd currently works in Chicago.

“Thanks because that coming twice,” Miller said the group after his win, and also then reminded everyone the the Food Network’s unexpected hold-up of the show was no his fault.

Miller had been keeping the mystery of his success from everyone except his wife, pastry chief Kristine Miller, since the display taped last summer. He to be unable to say how he fared ~ above the show, or also what ingredients he offered in the dishes he prepared.

During his an initial challenge, Miller’s dish involved hash-browned russet potatoes, sweet potatoes, chorizo, shiitake mushrooms and a fried egg. Host Alton Brown criticize Miller’s fried egg because that being “hideously undercooked,” but knocked Tomaska’s offering, as more of a halibut dish than a potato dish, and for having bland and also under-seasoned fish.

In the very first “Battle the the Bison” course versus Flay, the two tied 8-8. Flay made a bison slider, if Miller developed a bison carrot summer roll. Judge Giada De Laurentiis referred to as the odor of Miller’s dish “spectacular.” however it was her second comment, that it to be “unexpectedly fantastic,” that had the group erupt in cheers.

The judges gushed over Miller’s various other bison dishes: bison pho through bison meat balls, bison bibimbap, a bison larb v cucumbers, and a bison gnocchi with local bandaged cheddar.

“Go, Tory!” claimed Mustafa Emirbayer, a longtime fearbut devotee and also fan of every one of Miller’s restaurants. In enhancement to L’Etoile and also Estrellón, the chef’s Deja Food group owns Graze and also Sujeo.

“He may not beat Bobby Flay tonight, but he’s long because won our admiration,” Emirbayer claimed ahead of the program. “Tory müller is the first Citizen the, and that’s an initial with a funding F and citizen through a capital C. He’s a treasure.”

The couple came last month when the program was mysteriously bumped and also Frederick said they were simply as excited come return Wednesday.

Frederick predicted the outcome. “If that does what he does in ~ his restaurants every day” over there is every reason Miller have to win, she said.


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Miller goes up versus Jenner Tomaska of following Restaurant in Chicago. The winner then gets the chance to out-cook the longtime stole Chef Bobby Flay.