Law. the examination prior to a justice tribunal of the facts put in concern in a cause, often including worries of law as well as those that fact. The decision of a person's guilt or innocence through due procedure of law.

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subjection to enduring or grievous experiences; a distressed or ache state: lull in the hour of trial.
Ceramics. A item of ceramic product used to shot the warmth of a kiln and the progression of the shooting of the contents.
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on trial, undergoing examination before a judicial tribunal. Experience a probationary or psychological period.
2, 3, 5. Psychological , experiment , test imply an attempt to find out something or to find out around something. Trial is the basic word because that a trying of anything: posts sent for ten days' complimentary trial. Experiment is a trial carried out to prove or highlight the truth or validity that something, or an attempt to find something new: an experiment in organic chemistry. Check is a an ext specific word, introduce to a trial under approved and also fixed conditions, or a final and also decisive trial together a conclusion of previous experiments: a check of a new type of airplane. 7. See affliction.

OTHER WORDS native trial

in·ter·tri·al, adjectivenon·tri·al, nounpost·tri·al, adjectivere·tri·al, noun
self-trial, noun

WORDS THAT may BE confused WITH trial

trail, attempt

Words adjacent trial

triacylglycerol lipase, triad, triadelphous, triad syndrome, triage, trial, trial and error, attempt balance, attempt balloon, attempt by battle, psychological by fire


What does trial mean?

In general, a trial is a test or one experiment.

Most commonly, the word refers to a criminal trial in a courtroom prior to a judge and also jury. It is additionally often offered in a scientific context to describe things favor clinical trials and drug trials. It can likewise refer to a hardship. The is commonly used in phrases favor trial and error and trial by fire. It is most generally used as a noun however it can likewise be supplied as an adjective and also a verb.

Example: There room 500 human being participating in our research trial because that a brand-new heart medication.

Where does trial come from?

The first records that trial come native the 1500s. It comes from the Anglo-French trier, definition “to try” (the word try comes from the same term).

In a basic sense, a trial of miscellaneous is a check of it. This feeling is checked out in the common phrase trial and error, which describes a procedure of continually make the efforts or trial and error something, do mistakes, and trying and also testing it again until you obtain it right. If you decide to check something out for a limited amount that time, you execute so with a trial run or during a trial period.

Trial have the right to be provided to explain an ordeal or case that topics someone to trying times, experimentation their strength or endurance, as in the expression trials and tribulations. A trial by fire is a check of one’s ability under pressure.

A trial through jury is additionally a sort of test, and if she the one ~ above trial, you’ll require a trial lawyer. In a clinical context, a clinical trial is an examination of a new medical therapy to view if that will occupational in humans. Pharmaceutical trials and drug trials check whether brand-new medicines space safe and also effective. Such medicines are claimed to be in the process of being trialled.

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Athletes in particular sports need to compete against other athletes in trials in order to qualify because that a competition. This sense is viewed in phrases prefer Olympic trial and time trial. 

Trial has numerous other specific meanings but they all resolve testing something, trying something the end temporarily, or performing an experiment.