Tommy Torres, a Puerto Rican songwriter and also artist recognized for romantic ballads, determined he wanted to produce a track through among the greatest names in reggaeton—Daddy Yankee. That's once the two developed, "Tu y Yo."

This is an instance of once a musical teamwork from 2 various genres is done ideal. Both Tommy and also Yankee continued to be true to their legendary sound however joined pressures to make musical magic.

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"I witnessed Daddy Yankee at an award present, and we talked about doing something together, that was a couple of years ago," Tommy explained to E! News. "So someday I called him and told him that I had actually finally discovered the song that we could job-related on after all these years. He loved it, and also we automatically hit the studio."

Although the 44-year-old's songs are usually in Spanish, he draws most incentive from basic market artists like Ed Sheeran, Mike Posner, John Mayer, and Sia. 

Daddy Yankee states that bereason they're both producers and artists, this musical participation was just a organic fit, regardmuch less of their various sounds. 

"It was extremely vital to us, that if we did collaborate musically, that Tommy would remain being Tommy and I would certainly continue to be being myself. Nopoint could be required or sound fake. It required to be authentic, and also this is why I am so pleased through the last product," Yankee described. "The video is a large comparison in between the story, the romance and all that's happening within the party. It's really joining 2 human beings together, comparable to what we did on this track."

We asked Tommy about his adorable four-year-old daughter, Amanda Zoé, that he generally shares videos of on social media, and his eyes immediately lit up.

"She loves to go to the studio and play with instruments. I really pay attention to the songs that I sing and that she will certainly proceed humming days later on," he gumelted. "When I compose music, she's very present in my mind, even if the song is about a different kind of love. The love that I have actually for her is that sort of love that you didn't believe was feasible, the type that you just read about in fairy tales.

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I can currently write around this love, bereason I understand that this love does exist. I think that we're all capable of this love, via other human being that aren't our kids, but only if we silence our fears."