from PIL import Imageimage =\"balloon.jpg\")pixels = list(image.getdata())for pixel in pixels: pixel<0> = pixel<0> + 20 image.putdata(pixels)\"new.bmp\")However I gain this error: TypeError: \"tuple\" object does not support item assignment



PIL pixels space tuples, and also tuples are immutable. You need to construct a brand-new tuple. So, rather of the because that loop, do:

pixels = <(pixel<0> + 20, pixel<1>, pixel<2>) for pixel in pixels>image.putdata(pixels)Also, if the pixel is currently too red, including 20 will certainly overflow the value. You probably want something choose min(pixel<0> + 20, 255) or int(255 * (pixel<0> / 255.) ** 0.9) instead of pixel<0> + 20.

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And, to be able to handle images in too many of various formats, do picture = image.convert(\"RGB\") after opened the image. The convert an approach will ensure the the pixels are constantly (r, g, b) tuples.


The 2nd line should have been pixels<0>, with an S. Friend probably have actually a tuple called pixel, and tuples room immutable. Construct new pixels instead:

image =\"balloon.jpg\")pixels = <(pix<0> + 20,) + pix<1:> for pix in image.getdata()>image.putdate(pixels)


Tuples, in python can\"t have their worths changed. If you\"d choose to readjust the had values despite I imply using a list:

<1,2,3> not (1,2,3)


A tuple is immutable and also thus you get the error friend posted.

pixel = (pixel<0> + 20, pixel<1>, pixel<2>)
You have misspelt the second pixels as pixel. The complying with works:

pixels = <1,2,3>pixels<0> = 5It appears that due to the typo you to be trying come accidentally modify some tuple referred to as pixel, and also in Python tuples room immutable. Therefore the confound error message.

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