In Wonderland, Alice was heard to say: “I wonder if I shall loss appropriate via the earth! How funny it’ll seem to come out among the world that walk through their heads downwards.”

Wow, America is in Wonderland also. Half the nation sees the other half as upside down. Heading right into the midterms, there’s little middle ground, mainly because of the polarizing President Trump

Donald TrumpNewsom touts victory over respeak to as rejection of "Trumpism" Newsom quickly beats ago recall effort in The golden state 2nd senior main leaving DHS in a week MORE, with his legal drama adding fuel to the fire.

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Take revenue inequality. The affluent show up to be acquiring a lot richer. And so the new socialism of the Democrats says it’s “obvious” that we have to taxes the wealthy and companies more, and also offer the money to everyone else. Except that moderate Democrats going ago to Jack Kennedy have mentioned that investment would dry up, funding would leave the country, suppliers would end up being much less competitive, and everyone would certainly be poorer. So, taxation the rich and hurt the poor. The irony is that as soon as you reduced tax rates, specifically on suppliers and the wealthy, tax earnings go up and also that leaves much even more “fairness” to spcheck out approximately. Tax earnings are up nearly 10 percent this year. Trump an instrument of fairness? Down is up.


Take the bad and disadvantaged minorities. Due to the fact that the 1960s, America has invested literally trillions of dollars in welfare payments and also one-of-a-kind programs for housing, food and also education for the negative. And, as Shelby Steele points out in his seminal book on modern American politics, “White Guilt,” the late Sen. Patrick Moynihan (D-N.Y.) was appropriate all along: the welfare programs have actually utterly failed. They have installed a society of dependency among the bad and also produced an sector of Democratic “leaders” calling for also more welfare funding.

And, as Steele points out, those advocating even even more welfare spfinishing are wrong, patronizing and also rather racist. Again, that Trump male is producing tasks and lowering African-Amerideserve to joblessness, reducing food stamp rolls, and also that might create genuine hope and readjust in Amerihave the right to cities. Huh? I believed they called him racist. Down is up!

How about international warming? The many damaging predictions of global warming have actually not come true. Rising earth surconfront temperature, warmer Southeast and Midwest, Greenland also icecap disappearance and sea water rise, more hurricanes; information suggest the forecasts were wrong. Foremainder fires? The professionals tell us the major reasons are even more dwellings closer to woodlands and much less thinning of forests because of — wait for it — “wilderness conservation.” The inconvenient irony is that extreme international warming “solutions” may distract from the implementation of real policies that the majority of voters want: clean air, clean water, much less significant industrial poikid.

By claiming too much problems and also demanding excessive changes that distort business economics, raise the price of energy by 5 to 10 times, raise the price of transportation, and also inevitably food, the net outcome of climate change-extremism might well be to make food sufficiently expensive to spur worldwide starvation. So “deniers” might really be conserving the Eastern and also Central African negative from starving. What? Dvery own really is up!

Medicare for all, pumelted by Sen. Bernie Sanders

Bernie SandersLive coverage: The golden state voters to decide Newsom"s fate Business teams sense momentum in scaling ago Democratic priorities House is no basic road for Biden, Democrats on .5T package MORE (I-Vt.). Why not? Health treatment is a “right,” right? Everyone must have actually cost-free access to health care. Except, the National Health Insurance Experiment in the mid-1970s, studying the affect of the public single-payer design and cost-sharing throughout the nation, effectively predicted that the lack of reliable industry mechanisms to manage prices would bankrupt Medicare (we’re exceptionally close) by now, and that a complete, nationwide, single-payer mechanism would bankrupt the country. Medicare currently is rationed — many kind of doctors won"t accept Medicare patients — and also it will certainly gain worse as the feds alleviate payments to physicians to manage prices and there are fewer doctors. In short, Meditreatment for all will suppose Meditreatment for none. Up is dvery own.

The journalist and satirist H.L. Mencken once sassist, “For every facility trouble, tbelow is a response that is clear, straightforward and wrong.” Most political leaders, TV pundits and voters may never before have heard of Shelby Steele or H.L. Mencken, and also so, really think that up is dvery own. We get everyday newspaper commentary, cable TV news, political controversy and also social media commentary that screams “up is up” ... as soon as it actually might be down. We’re left with a human being in which what is so obviously appropriate — for instance, new socialism and also environmentalism — often is wrong. And what is so obviously wrong — such as Trump — regularly might be ideal.

In Lewis Carroll’s classical “Thstormy the Looking-Glass,” Humpty Dumpty tells Alice: “When I use a word, it indicates simply what I select it to suppose — neither even more nor much less.” Hmm, I think that I just saw that person on TV, or running for office, or throughout the dinner table.

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Grady Means is a reworn down corpoprice strategy consultant. He was a unique assistant to Vice President Nelboy Rockefeller for residential policy in the Ford White Housage, and also the White House liaison to RAND on the National Health Insurance Experiment. He was an economist and plan analyst in the former Department of Health, Education and Welfare from 1971-73, wbelow he functioned on restructuring welfare programs and also helped compose the HMO Act of 1973.