The Vampire breast Lift is billed as a non-surgical kind of breast augmentation that doesn’t involve any type of downtime. 

The Vampire breast Lift, which requires injecting platelet-rich plasma (PRP) right into the breasts, has been a subject of much discussion in the plastic surgery community.

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If the creator, Charles Runels, MD — whose website explains the above procedure as “injecting the magic” — is to it is in believed, this procedure is a wonder-treatment for women that aren’t looking for a significant change in chest size, but do want an ext volume or a more pronounced cleavage, without the recovery that invasive breast measures entail.

But go the Vampire breast Lift work? part plastic surgery experts say it might work for particular purposes, yet many are very skeptical of most of that claims. We inquiry the professionals to sweet in top top this procedure — and they didn’t have actually many an excellent things come say.

How the procedure is performed

According to the creators that the Vampire chest Lift, the procedure has three steps:

To start, the surgeon evaluates the shape of the breast to recognize where it deserve to be enhanced.The surgeon then prepares the PRP because that injection. As with other procedures involving the injection the PRP, this is completed by isolating growth determinants from the patient’s blood.Finally, the PRP is injected into the patient’s breast.

Once injected, the procedure’s creators case that the expansion factors current in PRP “work prefer magic to cause increased collagen and brand-new blood flow.” They claim that this process activates stem cells to grow new blood vessels, collagen, and fatty tissue. The result? “Younger-appearing skin and also increased volume of fat tissue!”

According to the creators the the Vampire breast Lift, the procedure can accomplish all type of things. These claims include lifting up saggy breasts, “increasing” the shape and look that cleavage because that up to two years, fixing inverted nipples, erasing big marks, and increasing breast and nipple sensitivity.

The cost of any procedure different from medical professional to doctor depending upon their geographic location, experience, and other factors. Part reports placed the Vampire chest Lift cost at about $1,800, and the truth that it’s not permanent way that it could add up come more.

For the benefits of comparison, the average classic breast lift price is around $4,600. This renders the price of a Vampire breast Lift particularly much more affordable than the cost of a traditional breast lift. That said, together we will examine in an ext detail, Vampire chest Lifts do not provide the same results as classic breast lifts.

Does that work?

The experts we spoke v overwhelming panned the Vampire breast Lift, although some provided that it might be slightly reliable for particular objectives — almost all v caveats.

For example, that may have the ability to improve the watch of the cleavage in terms of the skin texture, follow to Dr. Suzanne Trott, a board-certified plastic surgeon located in Beverly Hills. Trott walk caution, however, the one cc of any type of filler will certainly not boost fullness by much at all. “The smallest breast implants made are 100 cc, and they barely make a distinction in many people.”

Trott additionally says it can improve big marks, yet not erase them. If the PRP is injected underneath an reverse nipple, the procedure might increase the nipple’s volume and assist push that outwards. However, inverted nipples are usually also tethered to the underlying tissue, therefore it’s i can not qualify to have actually a dramatic effect.

Additionally, Trott states that the procedure can potentially increase breast and also nipple sensitivity. PRP injections have been displayed to improve nerve regeneration, and seem to aid the heal of peripheral nerve injuries.

Dr. Joseph A. Russo, a board-certified, Harvard-trained plastic operated doctor based in Newton, MA, agrees that strategically injected PRP may improve the shape and also look the cleavage come a degree, while increasing breast and also nipple sensitivity. However, he additionally agrees with Trott the it is unlikely to elevator saggy breasts or correct inverted nipples, and also points out that any kind of results would be temporary.

The surname is misleading

The creators that the Vampire breast Lift do not insurance claim that it is as effective as surgical chest lift. In fact, follow the main website, Vampire breast Lift isn’t even effective at correcting saggy breasts. This has actually lead plenty of experts come conclude that the treatment’s surname is a little bit off target.

“I think it is inappropriate, and unfair come the consumer, to use the hatchet ‘lift’ in the surname of this procedure at all,” claims Trott. “It is significant false advertising. The hatchet ‘rejuvenation’ should be used rather of ‘lift’ because it sounds favor this procedure can assist the appearance of the crepey skin of the medial breasts and also decollete. It will not lift up saggy breasts.”

Some breast surgeons think that the procedure could actually be most efficient in women who don’t require a chest lift. Amongst them is Dr. Constance Chen, a board-certified plastic surgeon based in brand-new York City.

“Even the Vampire breast Lift website says that ‘many would do much better with surgery,’” states Chen. “The Vampire breast Lift is least likely to be effective for women through droopy breasts who desire a chest lift. Physiologically, injecting handle blood into the breasts is unlikely to lift up saggy boobs, increase the shape and also look that cleavage, deal with inverted nipples, erase big marks, and also increase breast and nipple sensitivity. Handle blood, or platelet rich plasma may improve wound healing, but it is unlikely to it is in a magic elixir to reshape the breasts.”

In the eyes of Dr. Gregory A. Buford, a board-certified plastic operated doctor in Englewood, CO, the procedure is just completely overhyped. “While PRP go contain critical biologic ingredients that can absolutely improve skin tone and also texture, many of the claims for the regenerative potential space without merit and completely unsubstantiated.”

Buford does not support several of the procedure’s purported benefits. He disagrees through the insurance claims that the procedure can readjust the shape and also look of breasts, erase big marks, rise breast and also nipple sensitivity, and also improve turning back nipples.

“Claims that it can assist improve inverted nipples in specific are laughable,” states Buford. “Nipple inversion is generally caused through tethering bands that properly hold down and retain the nipple in an inverted position. Just injecting PRP to address this there is no cutting these bands is 100% worthless.”

Moreover, both Buford and Trott express issue that early stage “results,” which deserve to be viewed online in Vampire breast Lift before and afters photos that frequently accompany Vampire chest Lift reviews are misleading, as the slight increase in size is simply temporary postoperative swelling.

“To demonstrate any type of efficacy, there needs to it is in documentation of this results and also proof that efficacy,” Buford says.

Is the vampire chest lift dangerous?

Trott claims that women that undergo regimen mammograms need to make sure the radiologist knows the there is part filler in the area, because it can create scar organization that could show up as calcifications top top the mammogram, despite it have to be easily differentiated from the calcifications associated with malignancy.

Also, Chen points out that any type of injection that blood commodities into the body should be monitored because that safety, as any injected products, including blood products, can cause an allergy reaction in the body. Patient should likewise beware that contaminants that might be in the blood or choose up during processing, she adds.

The one silver- lining is the the Vampire breast Lift is fairly harmless in many cases. There are not countless Vampire chest Lift next effects, various other than “empty promises and also the associated expense,” as Buford place it.

Is this yes, really a great reason to go v the trouble of having a Vampire chest Lift? Ultimately, the is approximately the individual patient. Despite its name, you can’t mean the procedure to provide you much, if any, lift and also this will certainly justifiably it is in a major red flag for many.

“Patients should know that alone will not likely cause a true lift,” claims Russo. And Trott reiterates that while Vampire breast Lift might be much less invasive than traditional breast lift or improvement procedures, it is likewise ineffective in comparison.

“A much much better alternative that is follow me the exact same lines as this procedure — v no incisions — is fat move to the breasts from other areas of the body,” Trott concludes.

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