Any principle for best location to do "Defeat 3 EXIMUS on EARTH"? (from Planet to Venus junction) Normally Earth is a low lvl area and as we all understand eximus don"t generate on those. I was trying to perform Vay Hek assassination but there are no Eximus units tbelow.

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I did earth interception (cant remember node name currently however there is just one.. I think) it spawned sufficient for junction after 2 rounds, did 3 to be certain cause I wasnt counting har har

I had an principle to perform a general junction inquiries topic, however wiki will be probably filled till any type of people require assist on anypoint else so, I dunno.


I kno, yet that"s the reason I was waiting for this update, I hate endless missions (which you were required to do for "that one prime part you couldn"t get") and am forced to perform them.So I"m hoping that someone actually found a spot that Eximus" generate reasonably soon( XDD)


I got lucky through a couple of rescue.. the wardens were eximus on earth

FOr Venus i had Hexis attack me with a company of Eximus lancers... it was awesome

Do spy mission and also collection all alarm the finish u need to get rid of all enemy... 1-2 run and also u r done

The Record Mission(Lv1-4 range) to my surprise also frequently spawns Eximus Units, somepoint they readjusted through the update as i never ran into any before. 

1. Any mission form that deserve to be expanded, will certainly eventually develop Eximus mobs.2. Syndicate and alert missions, have a higher opportunity to create them. If you"re specifically hated by a Syndicate, kill enough of the death squad and also sprint to extractivity.3. If you"re making use of a high rank, in a low level mission, there"s a greater possibility of encountering Eximus mobs. I do not know if this is a truth, yet it appears to work for me.

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