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There is no concern that Star wars is a cultural juggernaut, with numerous films, spin-offs, video clip games, and also other media under that belt the draws numerous fans. These pan can’t get enough of your favorite characters and also moments in the Star wars canon, i beg your pardon has permitted the franchise come endure because that 40 years without waning in popularity.

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Disney knows that the rabid fans want more, and this is among the reasons that the television animated series Star Wars: Rebels exist. This series tells a compelling tale set in the Star Wars cosmos using beautiful CGI effects and also helps to kill time in between film releases for the fans.


You, too, can obtain in top top the activity of Star Wars: Rebels, as we will certainly take a look at the multiple means that you can stream the series online!

What is Star Wars: Rebels?

Prior come Disney getting the legal rights to the Star battles franchise, an animated present named Star Wars: The Clone battles was airing ~ above television. This display filled in the gap in between Star battles Episode II: strike of the Clones and also Episode III: Revenge the the Sith, and follows the adventures that Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and also Skywalker’s apprentice Ashoka Tano during the Clone wars period.


Disney’s Star Wars: Rebels is a sequel the sorts come The Clone wars series, taking place in between Episode III and also Episode IV: A brand-new Hope. The series follows the formation of the rebellion versus the Emperor Palpatine led Empire and helps collection up the occasions that transpire in A brand-new Hope.

Star Wars: Rebels is currently in its last season, v the collection finale set to waiting on in march 5, 2018. The display airs on Disney XD at 9 afternoon EST top top Mondays.

Where to Stream Star Wars: Rebels


Here are all of the means that you can watch Star Wars: Rebels without cable.

Sling TV

You can acquire Disney XD through Sling TV as a part of the “Kids Extra” add-on. “Kids Extra” price $5 /month and also you acquire 8 extra kids channels including TeenNick, NickToons, Nick Jr., Boomerang, Disney Junior, and also more. You can include “Kids Extra” to Sling Orange ($20/month) or Sling Blue ($25/month).

Sling TV supplies a complimentary TRIAL if you desire to try it out.

DirecTV Now

One the the most well-known streaming solutions for live TV the end there is DirecTV Now. You have the right to stream DirecTV now on lot of devices, and even have actually the choice to record LIVE TV VIA DVR. DirecTV Now has actually a price-of-entry starting at $35/month, but it is indeed one of the best services easily accessible to watch Star Wars: Rebels live or ~ above your own time.

DirecTV currently offers a complimentary TRIAL. It’s certainly worth the try.

Hulu w/ Live TV

Hulu has been a staple of on-demand streaming because that years and is already used in countless homes approximately the world, and also now the alternative exists to have actually Hulu through Live Television. Beginning at $40 a month, Hulu w/ Live TV has numerous television networks easily accessible for streaming, including Disney XD. If you currently have Hulu, simply go into your account setups and add Live TV to your service.

PlayStation Vue

If you have a playstation gaming console or a compatible device, climate Playstation Vue can offer you a means to currently Star Wars: Rebels online. If Playstation Vue is an easy-to-use company with a reasonable price point, over there are constraints to the number of devices that assistance Playstation Vue. Still, if you ever before wanted come jump out of a video game of Star Wars: Battlefront 2 right into an episode of Star Wars: Rebels, climate there is no far better streaming option.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV, listed by well-known online video clip platform YouTube, provides over 50 channels at $35/month. Disney XD and Star Wars: Rebels are easily accessible on the service. If you are able to offer YouTube TV a try, Star Wars: Rebels gives you a reason to perform so. Additionally, YouTubeTV offers Disney Junior and also The Disney Channel.

Disney Now

Disney now is your an initial stop because that streaming Star Wars: Rebels with Season 4 currently easily accessible on the service. This organization will need that you have a cable provider to usage it. Otherwise it’s free and will allow you countless streaming on virtually every tablet, smartphone, computer, or various other streaming devices.

Download Individual episodes or periods of Star Wars: Rebels

It’s not the cheapest means to watch Star Wars: Rebels, however A la Carte services can be a great way to acquire the latest episodes the aren’t available on other cable alternatives.

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Amazon PrimePrice every Episode: HD $2.99 – SD $1.99Season 100: HD $4.99 – SD $3.99 (44 minute special)Season 101: HD $19.99 – SD $14.99 Season 200: HD $4.99 – SD $3.99 (44 minute special)Season 201: HD $19.99 – SD $14.99Season 202: HD $19.99 – SD $14.99Season 301: HD $29.99 – SD $ 19.99Season 401: HD $19.99 – SD $ 19.99Google pat StorePrice per Episode: HD $2.99 – SD $1.99 Season 1: HD $19.99 – SD $14.99 Season 2 (part 1): HD $19.99 – SD $14.99 Season 2 (part 2): HD $19.99 – SD $14.99Season 3: HD $29.99 – SD $19.99Season 4: HD $19.99iTunesPrice every Episode: HD $2.99 – SD $1.99Season 1: HD $19.99 – SD $14.99Season 2 (part 1): HD $19.99 – SD $14.99Season 2 (part 2): HD $19.99 – SD $14.99Season 3: HD $39.99 – SD $34.99Season 4: HD $29.99 – SD $19.99



Much prefer the Star wars universe, the ways easily accessible in i m sorry you can view Star Wars: Rebels virtual is large and watch endless. Through so plenty of streaming options obtainable to Star wars fans, there is no factor to not provide Rebels a watch. Take part time and also catch increase on the unique perspective the show gives to the Star battles canon!

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