Water under the bridge.

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Report ---- It has actually happened in many kind of an operating room.Throughout resection of the uterus, this unfortunate mistake is made by surgeons. They normally forget this standard anatomical connection and reduced this necessary framework with a lumen. * They reduced the uterine artery , and also clamp the stumpknowingly or unknowingly this structure is likewise severed.what is this structure? what can we do as future medics to soptimal this trouble.GOLDEN RULE NUMBER 1 . "the answer to the question is in the question" This is not a question to test ur basic anatomy males. Just wanted to understand ur thoughts thats all.
of course it is the ureter. the factor is that ob-gyn"s aren"t correctly trained in surgical procedure, not to point out the confusing anatomy.
Now come on, that"s a little bit of a broad statement (saying OBs aren"t trained for surgical procedure or the confmaking use of anatomy). I"m a Med-1 and also I"ve currently learned the water/bridge thing for renal anatomy.

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I agree through the OP, this is a common mistake made, not simply in OB yet Gen Surg. I am doing my surgery rotation currently and I was second help on a sigmoid colectomy and also the surgeon (one of the smartest docs I"ve watched so far, I could add) mentioned that you must be mindful in that area b/c the uterine artery and ureter are commonly severed or cauterized by mistake. So even though we were there just to resect the sigmoid, he still double checked to make certain we had done no damage. Good surgeons (OB or general) are conscious of the prevalent mistakes made by others. Cool surgical procedure by the way!
it"s extremely refreshing to know that, we all know this easy partnership.How come surgeons keep cutting it? It"s too basic a relationship... u need to not forobtain it.I severed the ureter throughout a session in the dissecting room. We were meant to rerelocate the uterus and also research it.Hopefully i will never before sever the ureter in future. I will constantly remember this easy anatomical partnership.So what i am trying to say is this, initially yr. med students must bemade to rerelocate the uterus in order to study it , without mentioning the connection to them. After that they must be made to understand also this basic connection . It will certainly stick in their minds forever.Hope y"all relate. Chao.

Originally posted by Akuffo How come surgeons keep cutting it? It"s also standard a connection... u must not forobtain it.

Nobody forgets it, but doing some of these operations on living tissue is a great deal different. Throw in big abdomens, retoperitoneal inflamation (be it from bleeding, cancer, retroperitoneal fibrosis, svehicle from previous operations, and so on...), concominant bleeding, and so on.. and it (the ureter) sneaks up on you actual quick even as soon as you"re looking for it. Many type of times throughout operations for IBD the scarring is so bad that you have no principle where the ureters are & could consider stenting them preoperatively so you have the right to feel the stents to find them. I never before managed to transect one (it happens exceptionally rarely) throughout my training, however I came cshed to cooking one through an electrocautery in the time of an emergent exposure of the Illiac Artery & Vein which had actually been transected by a 9 mm round. Dr. Bob Acland also, a famed anatomist and also plastic surgeon, has actually a n correct saying that real-life "anatomy is under no obligation to have review the textbook"