I've been trying to complete this quest for a while and I can't find the last ghoul all over. I've already discovered Private Edwards and obtained him to help Astor but there's another ghoul which appears to be stuck inside an inobtainable structure (the quest marker points to that building no issue wright here I go), and I think that's the final one I should complete the quest. Tright here don't seem to be any type of various other ghouls around the tvery own as I think I've searched all over. Maybe the ghoul is underground, however I'm not sure exactly how to obtain tbelow. Could anyone help?


IIRC, the pursuit marker points to the center of Searchlight, not the ghouls. So he's more than likely somewhere else. Do you have actually any kind of companions? I constantly have problems wright here my companions kill them out of my sight and also then I can't uncover the bodies.

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I'm sure tbelow were various other search markers that pointed to ghouls, but yes I have actually companions and also I never before thought about doing that. I guess I've acquired a lengthy search ahead of me...

Thank you :p

All feral ghouls have to be exterior.:. Maybe attempt rapid traveling amethod and coming back a couple of days later? Scenario have to have actually reset itself by then.

Already tried that, didn't job-related :(

Might just have to leave it infinish forever before. Or I can noclip right into the structure and also check out if I have the right to end up it. I'm gonna shot that currently.

edit: Noclipped into and also all roughly the building... Nopoint to be checked out. No corpses, dog tags lying around or anypoint. Guess it's just bugged forever :(

You might have missed looting one of them; I did that when. I apologize if you currently kbrand-new this, but you can just uncover irradiated dog tags on "Ghoul Troopers"; They look like normal ghouls and also attack you through combat knives instead of their cregulations or teeth.

I didn't know that, say thanks to you. I'll need to look around aobtain yet I've already been with 20 radaways and also I don't even know how many kind of rad-x. I also have a bunch of open searches that I have to most likely acquire approximately to finishing...

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Sorry for the super late reply, was simply searching this sub and I noticed this article. Anymethod, I don't desire to spoil it as well a lot for you, however not all tags will be discovered on the bodies of the ghouls in the square. Take a look around inside the buildings.