Oh my gosh, I haven’t had an excellent laugh choose this in a while. In situation you are new to occupychristmas.org and also haven’t check out some of our stories, we love to create about dumb patterns that we discover on the internet, particularly on social media. Like this one, bereason it’s just also excellent not to share and also we all prefer a great laugh here and also tright here.

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It all began through Twitter user Evan J Worthen, also recognized by his Twitter
harambevan. He sent out a tweet to ask his followers if they kbrand-new where he can buy his girlfrifinish a “single left tampon” since he only had the one labeled through an ‘R’ and wanted to save a set there for her in situation of emergencies. Yes, this guy basically believed the letter ‘R’ on the label believed it was intfinished for a best vagina. Because well, we all understand woguys have actually two.

My girlfriend left a tampon at my apartment and idk wbelow the left one is. Anyone understand wright here I have the right to obtain a single left tampon to keep a collection right here for emergencies? pic.twitter.com/6D51FIWrVU

— Evan J Worthen (

Now, I am completely not judging this guy at all. I remember the initially time I had asked my boyfriend to buy me a box of tampons at Targain but then he ended up Facetiming me at the save bereason he couldn’t discover the ones I had actually told him to buy. Despite me sending him a photo and telling him exactly where they were.

He literally took a good 20 minutes to find them, because to him, a box of Tampax is the very same as any kind of other. But, every woguy knows that this isn’t true. Eexceptionally tampon, pad, and menstrual product is various and they each serve a unique purpose depending upon our body. To those of you who don’t recognize, usually, Tampons are labeled with the letters ‘R’, ‘L’ and ‘S’ letting womales recognize which is the appropriate tampon for their circulation. Meaning ‘R’ for Regular, ‘L’ for Light, and also ‘S’ for Super. Yes, we all have different flows, men. This is a point, obtain over it.

But of course, men don’t understand this bereason well, they don’t need to issue around it. They should, though. Which is why Twitter decided to troll them, aacquire.

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Apparently, womales are asking theirboyfriends what the letters on tampons intend. They’re also asking theirloved ones if they understand what that the letters printed on tampons intend. As intended, guys have no idea, which renders it also even more hilarious bereason all these responses are simply ordinary ridiculous. I’ll be hocolony, I didn’t think this was true until I tested it out on my brother. Just look for yourself, its pure gold. I’ll never before let him live it down.

Men are really out right here thinking we have the right to reverse our periods.