TCM is trying to find Tiffany Vazquez to med youthful energy into the network.Turner classic Movies

Queens native Tiffany Vazquez to be never much of a classic-movie buff till her student in the first year year in ~ St. John’s University.

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“I witnessed ‘It taken place One Night’ and also it seemed prefer the blueprint for every romantic comedy I’d seen,’’ states Vazquez, currently 29. “I became obsessed with finding other classics that influenced modern-day films. Despite these films were not deliberately made for people like me, I can laugh at the same things that people laughed at in 1934!”

And however she to be crying — with delight — when she learned that she’d just snagged a dream gig together the brand-new Saturday afternoon organize for Turner classic Movies. Proud of she Puerto Rican heritage, and also raised by her solitary mom in Bayside, Vazquez is not only simply the 3rd host in TCM history, she’s likewise the very first woman — and also the very first person that color.

Two year ago, she winner TCM’s “ultimate fan” contest after submitting a dazzling video on the noir classic “The naked City’’ (1948), which she shot it s her on the Williamsburg waterfront. She acquired to introduce the movie with TCM symbol Robert Osborne, then was asked back to host a collection of connection movies that aired in December.

“I to be shocked to it is in asked,’’ states Vazquez, who resides in the Baychester section of The Bronx. “I’m not sure there are words to describe how i felt as soon as they offered me the Saturday job. The was much more than a month ago, and, five my God, every day my mother asked me even if it is she could tell people.’’

Vazquez currently has traveled to TCM’s Atlanta studios come tape all her movie introductions for the next three months. This cover the four movies airing each Saturday in between noon and 8 p.m., start on June 4 through “Rebel there is no a Cause’’ (1955).

“I’m a sucker because that physical performances and also James Dean’s is great,” she says. “You check out him struggling as an adolescent who’s becoming an adult however not everybody treats you favor an adult. And also the Griffith Observatory is just one of my favorite areas in the world.”

“Tiffany has actually a vast knowledge of movie history, a sincere love for classic movies and a unique ability to assist young world discover the standards through the strength of mutual connections via society media,’’ states TCM general manager Jennifer Dorian. “She bring a fresh and culturally varied perspective to the network together we continue to share and celebrate the whole spectrum of film background with one engaged and also growing community.’’

Vazquez earn a master’s level in film researches from NYU, interned in ~ the Film society of Lincoln Center and is currently an elderly editor because that film contents at GIPHY, a find engine because that GIFs (videos that deserve to be embedded in society media).

She’s additionally TCM’s youngest-ever organize — Ben Mankiewicz to be 36 when he to be hired in 2003 and also Osborne, who’s at this time on clinical leave and also has to be cutting earlier his prime-time appearances in recent years, to be 61 at the network’s beginning in 1994.

Vazquez’ favourite movies include Billy Wilder’s 1950 noir classic “Sunset Blvd” (“absolutely a masterpiece”), the 1940s all-black musicals “Cabin in the Sky” and also “Stormy Weather,” the 1943 romantic comedy “Heaven deserve to Wait” (“Gene Tierney is a goddess”), the 1942 adaptation that “The male Who concerned Dinner” (“One the the funniest movies ever”) and also the 1960 music “West next Story” (“for the good Rita Moreno!”).

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In addition to enlarge classics, Vazquez’s tastes run to ’70s metropolitan flicks favor “Super Fly’’ and also “Aaron Loves Angela’’ — “They present a brand-new York that’s much more of mine parents’ experience,’’ she says. “They’re a little more edgy and also cool, and with people of shade I deserve to sort of watch myself on-screen.’’

And Tiffany Vazquez is still acquiring used to the idea that now, too many of world will be able to see the network’s newest confront on their displays — or the TCM Anywhere app — every Saturday.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” she says. “I know how important that TCM is come me and to every the other fans.”