A team of hens is called a brood. You might have also heard a group of hens being referred to as a flock. The fine to use this cumulative noun too, however a flock can mean a group of both male and also female chickens.

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The indigenous brood way a group of hen (female chickens) specifically, for this reason this is the exactly term.

Here are some of the other terms supplied to describe hens friend may have actually heard and what castle mean:

Chick – once Does a Chick become a Hen?

When researching as soon as a chick officially i do not care a tires chicken i came throughout all type of answers.

I always thought a chick lost its group as being a chick as soon as they shed their baby coat of down and started growing ideal feathers. This seems to be what most human being agree with, so it is the determination I’m walking with.

A chick is a infant chicken, both male and also female. As soon as they develop feathers they come to be a pullet.

What Is a Pullet Hen?

The ax pullet refers to a young hen, typically less 보다 a year that age.

They space older 보다 chicks, therefore they have shed their infant down and also are growing feathers. Importantly, to it is in classified as a pullet they need to not be laying egg yet.

This way pullets are typically young hens approximately 18 weeks of age. Chickens often start laying approximately the 18-20 mainly age, in ~ this suggest they transaction to point-of-lay hens, and finally tires chickens.

It’s not unusual for backyard chicken keepers to delay the sexual maturity the a pullet come push back the delivery of their first egg.

They carry out this so the the pullet can thrive bigger and produce larger eggs. It’s common to wait till a pullet is at the very least 3 lbs in weight before producing eggs.

They perform this just by managing the lot of irradiate a pullet is exposed come in a day. If you reveal a pullet come 13 hours of irradiate a day, this is walk to trigger sexual maturity and also they’ll start laying eggs shortly after.


Point of put Hen

The term suggest of put (POL) is among the vaguest terms for a female chicken. It’s offered to describe a pullet the is pull close the age when castle will start laying eggs.

Hence the name – point the lay. This way at the allude of laying eggs.

It’s hard to pinpoint precisely when a hen is a allude of put chicken though. The breed, environmental conditions, and some other factors influence how lengthy a chicken will be a suggest of lay.

Chickens have the right to start laying anywhere in between 18-22 main of age. So, you can buy a point of put chicken that’s 18-20 mainly of age, just to wait anywhere between days and weeks to discover that first egg.

Brooder / Broody Hen

A broody hen, as the name suggests, is a hen that is looking after her eggs. This usually way they will certainly be sit on their eggs and also protecting castle day and night.

The exciting thing about broody hen is that they don’t recognize if your eggs are fertilized or not. They have tendency to it is in a little moody too once they’re in a broody mood, therefore beware.

List that Hen-Related Terminology

A group of hens is called a brood.

A mature mrs chicken is dubbed a hen.

An immature mrs chicken is referred to as a pullet.

A hen due to start laying quickly is a point-of-lay.

A broody hen is referred to as a brooder.

A group of chicken is dubbed a flock.

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In review – What execute You speak to a group of Hens? – A Brood

There you have it, the main name because that a team of hens is a brood.

It’s great for our brain to discover something brand-new every day, possibly today this is what you learned.